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Andover Magazine

When I was a kid, my parents often took me shopping at the local department store. I remember pushing open the double doors and stepping in to the large two-story space with creaking wooden floors and shelves that reached nearly to the ceiling. Marlow’s was a family business dating back to 1911, and the owners prided themselves on the breadth of merchandise from flannel nightgowns, Pyrex baking dishes, and umbrellas to the specific type of Phillips screwdriver that my Pop, a mechanic, liked to use. There was a little bit of everything at Marlow’s.

That’s how I see Andover magazine. It’s a way for alumni from Phillips and Abbot academies, ages 18 to 98, to re-live their high school years and find some interesting and useful nuggets of information and inspiration.

Our mission has always been to engage you, the Andover community, and keep you connected to Andover through content that is thoughtful and meaningful.

Beginning with this redesigned issue—the first redesign in more than 10 years—we start a new chapter of Andover magazine’s 114-year history. Although we focused primarily on the print issue, we are now moving on to the next phase, which will enhance readers’ online experience. Andover has always been known for creativity and innovation, and we believe the magazine can merge the best of both worlds—a smart print publication and the accessibility and interactivity of an online one—to share news and stories about Andover's most important assets—its people.

As your alumni publication, we would also like to be as transparent as possible. We welcome any comments and critiques. Send us a letter, email, or engage with us on our social channels. Your feedback will be considered for publication in the print magazine or one of our digital platforms.

We hope you enjoy our new look and we look forward to hearing from you!

Andover magazine team

Allyson Irish, editor
Rita Savard, associate editor
Ken Puleo, designer

Mission statement

Andover magazine reinforces the special connection alumni have with Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy. Through thought-provoking stories, contemporary design, and inspiring profiles of alumni, students, and faculty, we aim to highlight the school’s enduring values, recognize our unique history, and celebrate the rich diversity of our community.