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I still remember the smell of the gym— sweat mixed with floor polish. And the sounds—sneakers squeaking incessantly, balls being dribbled up and down the court, the whir of giant fans.

I grew up in Connecticut right around the time the Uconn women’s basketball team was starting its ascension to basketball glory. I went to their youth camps every summer, sweating it out with all the other middle school girls and marveling at the skill of the female collegiate stars, my role models.

I also remember, around the same time, hearing stories from my mother and godmother about their sports experiences. Pre-Title IX, their athletic opportunities were limited to gym class where girls played anemic variations of sports, like half-court basketball wearing their gym uniform skirts and shooting underhand only.

As Andover Athletics Director Lisa Joel says, “We have come so far since those who fought the fight to see Title IX pass. We stand on their shoulders and have the opportunities we have because of the path they paved.”

Our cover story salutes the many female athletes of Andover who paved the way for today’s generation to compete. It has not been easy and it certainly is not perfect, but by all accounts our current female athletes have more competitive opportunities more readily available than a just a few generations ago.

This issue also includes photos from the historic investiture of our 16th Head of School Raynard S. Kington, and a farewell to longtime teacher Nick Kip ’60, as well as a fun article about Clan MacPherson, several alumni profiles, and a collection of images from Reunion 2022.


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Summer 2022 Issue

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Andover magazine reinforces the special connection alumni have with Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy. Through thought-provoking stories, contemporary design, and inspiring profiles of alumni, students, and faculty, we aim to highlight the school’s enduring values, recognize our unique history, and celebrate the rich diversity of our community.