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Editor's Note

The spring 2021 issue celebrates the legacy of women’s leadership at Phillips and Abbot academies and introduces Amy Falls ’82, P’19, ’21, as the first woman to lead the Board of Trustees. Working on this story brought to mind many of the women who have inspired me over the years.

My Italian nana, whose gruff voice and stern manner often caught me off guard, taught me the value of independence. I still keep with me her charm bracelet with the “Serenity Prayer” imprinted on it. A former colleague at Simmons College taught me how to confidently share my perspectives, even if they were radically different from others’. She did so with grace and encouragement, often suggesting, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” And I’ve long been fond of Eleanor Roosevelt, whose quote “You must do the thing you think you cannot do” has felt particularly relevant this past year, when it seemed that every day has brought a new challenge.

These and other inspiring messages continue to uplift me, personally and professionally. And I have many of you to thank for that. In this second issue of the redesigned Andover magazine, we have collected a full four pages of feedback ranging from appreciation of our new typography to comments on women leaders to critiques of feature stories.

Thank you for your continued engagement with the magazine, and with the Academy. We look forward to sharing more stories and more Andover inspiration in the future.

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Allyson Irish, editor
Rita Savard, associate editor
Ken Puleo, designer

Mission statement

Andover magazine reinforces the special connection alumni have with Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy. Through thought-provoking stories, contemporary design, and inspiring profiles of alumni, students, and faculty, we aim to highlight the school’s enduring values, recognize our unique history, and celebrate the rich diversity of our community.

Spring 2021 Issue