The IRT offers two distinct programs: the Summer Workshop for college juniors and seniors who intend to pursue graduate study immediately upon completion of their undergraduate degree; and, the Associate Program for college juniors and seniors, recent graduates, and working professionals who want to continue their graduate education in the humanities, social sciences and education.

All participants receive the following support throughout the graduate school application process at no charge, which include:

  • Individualized support and extensive counseling as you clarify your graduate education and career goals, choose graduate programs and apply to a renowned consortium of graduate schools across the country;
  • Application fee waivers for 10-12 graduate programs, a savings of at least $1,000;
  • One-on-one coaching and advising as you fine-tune statements of purpose, resumes, and writing samples;
  • Personalized support throughout the matriculation and placement decision-making process.

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The IRT seeks to address the lack of teacher diversity in American schools, colleges, and universities.

Summer Program

  • 25-30 Interns are selected by the IRT to participate in an intense four-week Summer Workshop at Phillips Academy. The dates of the 2020 Summer Workshop are Tuesday, June 30th to Saturday, July 25th.
  • During the summer, interns and faculty spend each weekday in seminar discussions and activities. The syllabus consists of traditional and cutting-edge theory and cultural criticism in the disciplines of education, the humanities, and social science designed to introduce students to the philosophical rigors associated with the kinds of texts one encounters throughout graduate study. The summer program also includes lectures, writing conferences, debates, and presentations by nationally known educators, artists, and poets. Students also prepare for the GRE and begin work on their statements of purpose.
  • In mid-July, the IRT hosts its renowned annual Recruiters’ Weekend for all students where over 60 graduate school deans and admissions representatives speak with potential candidates about their graduate programs. Our 2019 Recruiters’ Weekend will be held on Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th.
  • Summer workshop participants receive a $1,200 stipend, travel expenses (for those traveling by plane or train), and room and board.
  • Admission for the summer workshop is highly selective. If we are unable to offer you a place in the workshop, you will still be considered automatically for a place in the year-long Associates Program.

Associate Program

  • Along with the students who participate in the Summer Workshop, the IRT also selects approximately 90 outstanding students to enroll in the Associate Program. Associates do not participate in the Summer Workshop, but, like Interns, are selected through a rigorous application process. The Associate program is geared toward undergraduates, recent college graduates, and working professionals who otherwise are engaged during the summer in research, teaching, or other opportunities. Both Interns and Associates are offered extensive counseling and assistance in negotiating the graduate school application process.
Statement of Need
  • An evaluation of the 50 states and the District of Columbia found gaps between the percentage of students of color and the percentage of teachers of color in every state. In more than 20 states, these gaps were alarmingly wide totaling 25 percentage points or more. The gap between teachers and students of color continues to grow even as students of color make up almost half of the public school population.
  • Similarly, a diversity gap persists on postsecondary faculty at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. Among full-time professors, 84 percent were White, 4 percent were Black, 3 percent were Hispanic, 8 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander, and less than 1 percent were American Indian/Alaska Native.
Why teacher diversity matters

At the IRT, we believe that teacher diversity is intrinsic to educational excellence, and we embody clear standards of excellence for teachers that emphasize mentorship, rigorous teacher preparation, and teacher effectiveness.

  • Teacher Diversity and Quality: In every heuristic, diversity brings creativity, rigor, strength, endurance, flexibility, and a propensity for evolution and innovation.
  • Teacher Diversity and Educational Excellence: Teacher diversity contributes to an inclusive school environment, multicultural curriculum, and a higher level of engagement of students of color.
  • Teacher Diversity and Social Impact: By early identification and mentorship of students considering careers in education, IRT harnesses the potential of students committed to diversity and mitigates the racial disparities in teaching workforce.