IRT Leadership

Kate Slater, Associate Director and Manager of Programs
Leislie Godo-Solo, Education Programs Specialist
Brittany Zorn, Arts & Sciences Program Specialist
Monica Reum, Recruitment & Admission Program Specialist
Janelle Bonasera, Coordinator of Partnerships & External Relations
Sara Cerretani, Operations Coordinator

Why I Serve

"As a tenured professor of History and Latin American Studies at New York University, a day hasn't gone by in the nearly twenty years since IRT has been in my life when I haven't drawn on the lessons I learned as an Intern, not just the intellectual lessons but life lessons, too, in every facet of my professional and personal development. Giving back in any way - as informal IRT recruiter on my campus, as modest financial donor, as Advisory Board Member, but mainly as a proud alum always ready to extol the importance of IRT - is more than gratitude. It's a responsibility I bear willingly to allow others, as IRT allowed me to do, to realize their vocation as educators, and thrive in the pursuit."  Alejandro Velasco, IRT ’99, Advisory Board Member


  • Asna Afzal, PA ’99 
  • Bret D. Asbury, PA ’96 
  • Andrew H. Chin, PA ’00 
  • Jonathan Cortez, IRT ’14 
  • Dr. Sari Edelstein, PA '98 
  • Dr. Tyrone Forman, PA ’88 
  • Kimberly Formisano, PA ’86 
  • Stephen H. Frank, PA ’81
  • Andrew J. Guff, PA ’79 
  • Daniel James, PA ’18 
  • Julia Lloyd Johannsen, PA ’96, Chair 
  • Dr. Marc Johnson, IRT ’97 
  • Victoria Kataoka, PA ’93 
  • Brooks J. Klimley, PA ’75 
  • Clarisa Merkatz, PA ’19 
  • Jane Biondi Munna, PA ’96 
  • Alarik Myrin, III, PA ’88
  •  Gabriela Poma, PA ’88 
  • Dr. Chera Reid, IRT ’00 
  • Richard Shin, PA ’90
  • Dr. Alejandro Velasco, IRT ’99 
  • Bruce S. Wilson, PA ’77 
  • Adam K. Wise, PA ’83 
  • Marcy Kerr Yuknat, PA ’90 
  • Gonzalo S. Zeballos, IRT ’92 
  • Linda Carter Griffith (Ex Officio) 
  • Beth Parsons (Ex Officio)