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Frequently Asked Questions

What is life like in the dormitories?

Housing on campus is varied. Anywhere from five to 45 students live in a Phillips Academy dormitory. Not only a place to sleep and to study, a dorm serves as a comfortable social environment in which many students develop lasting friendships. Living in a dorm also provides an excellent opportunity for developing self-discipline, time-management skills, respect, and tolerance for others. Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, students may note their preference for a double room or a single room on the application form; typically, there are more requests for doubles than for singles and we cannot accommodate everyone's requests. Living closely with other young people from widely differing backgrounds is one of the most rewarding experiences of Summer Session; requests for friends as roommates are not honored.

Where will I have my meals?

Meals are served in Paresky Commons, a central dining hall featuring variety of entrees, a pasta bar, a sandwich bar, a salad bar, among other choices available daily. Susie's, located on the lower level of Paresky Commons, is a student center that offers a menu of sandwiches, snacks, pizza, and smoothies at reasonable prices and at specific times. 

Where can I attend religious services?

Summer Session provides students, on request, with schedules for local religious services and assists students in obtaining information for services outside the town of Andover.

What if I get sick?

The Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center, located on the Andover campus, is open for urgent and routine care Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For care after-hours, there is a nurse in the Wellness Center 24/7, and a physician and counselor on-call. For morning information on the services available, visit the Sykes Wellness Center or call 978-749-4455.

Who will look after me during my stay at Andover?

Experienced, enthusiastic, and caring house counselors get to know each student personally and help students adapt to dorm living. House counselors, who often serve as teachers during Summer Session, will help with any questions or concerns. The main point of contact for students and parents, house counselors write a report at the end of the five weeks about each student's Summer Session experience.

May I leave campus during the day?

Students may go to the town of Andover in the afternoons and early evenings. Upper School students may leave campus on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and all day on Sunday (on a Day Excuse) with house counselor permission and written parental consent on file. Lower School Institute (LSI) students are not allowed to take Day Excuses. 

Who may apply?

Summer Session accepts academically qualified students who have completed the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, or eleventh grades. Students who have graduated from high school or who will be 19 years old or older (as of August 1, 2017) are not eligible for admission. Students must be at least 12 years old by June 26, 2017 in order to apply.  The session expects a serious academic commitment from students, who are held accountable for all requirements. Summer Session at Phillips Academy in Andover is a competitive academic program, and not every student who applies is accepted into the program.

What is the tuition?

Tuition for Summer Session varies by program, and covers all courses, course fees, the college counseling program, on-campus activities, loan of book for summer use, course materials, and health insurance. For students choosing a residential option, tuition includes all room and board, as well as bedding and towels, in-room phone and internet service, and program-scheduled airport transportation on arrival and departure days.

Please check out our Tuition Information page for more specific tuition and fees for 2017.

What are the dates for Summer Session 2017?

The dates for Summer Session 2017 are June 26th through July 30th.

Does every person who applies get accepted?

Summer Session at Phillips Academy in Andover is a competitive academic program. Not every student who applies is accepted into the program.

May my friend be my roommate?

We do not allow friends or relatives to share a dorm room. Some of the greatest benefits of this program are learning how to get along with others and making new friends from around the world. You will certainly see your friends or relatives often while you're here and you'll have different experiences to share with one another.

What is there to do during free time?

Phillips Academy Summer Session is an intensive academic program, and you should expect significant homework to complement your classes. The academics are balanced by opportunities to socialize with friends and to participate in the many trips and tours that are offered. Days are structured to allow time for required classes, activities, and appointments. There is also ample time for individual study and relaxation, as well as social events and trips into downtown Andover. During their free time, students may choose to use the athletic facilities, visit campus museums, study in the library, walk into town to buy a cup of coffee or stock up on snacks for their dorm rooms, or simply hang out with friends on the great lawn. Some students get together and travel into Boston for shopping or sightseeing when allowed on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons as well as on Sunday (with proper permissions). There are many cultural and enriching events offered on campus. Every Saturday night a dance and movie are scheduled. College Counseling is another optional offering that is available during the afternoons (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) and is a valuable tool for choosing and preparing to apply to college. Part of the Summer Session experience is learning how to manage one’s own time and be independent; many students say this was the most important skill they learned during the summer!

May I choose my dormitory?

The Academy has a variety of dormitories, some of which are not available for Summer Session use. Dormitory placements include consideration of age, grade, courses, date of application and geographic, ethnic and racial diversity.You will receive a card that has your dormitory assignment when you arrive on campus for Summer Session during the registration process. The location of your classes, your instructors, and the times your courses meet will also be given out at this time.

What is life in the dorm like?

For students who will soon be faced with the responsibility and independent of college life, a summer of living in a dorm provides ample opportunity for developing self-discipline, time management skills, and respect for others from different backgrounds. With the guidance of trained faculty who share the dorms, students learn to make adjustments necessary for communal living. During quiet evening study hours, many students choose to settle into their rooms to prepare for class the next morning, while others choose to study in groups in the dorm common room or head to the library, science center, or other designated place of study. The dorms also serve as a comfortable social environment in which students develop lasting friendships with peers and faculty. Living closely with other young people from widely differing backgrounds is one of the most rewarding experiences of Summer Session.

May I bring a refrigerator, television or computer?

Students may not bring refrigerators, televisions, or irons. These are available in the dorm. If you own a computer, and you are comfortable bringing it with you, we strongly recommend that you bring it. There can be long wait lists for computers in the Phillips Academy Computer Center (PACC) and the public computers in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library. We suggest that you make sure your computer is equipped with virus protection software (Norton Antivirus, McAffee etc.) and that it is in good working order before bringing it to campus. Additional information about what you should bring will be provided during the enrollment process.

May I arrive after the beginning of Summer Session?

Students are expected to arrive on time; however, in exceptional situations, students may contact the office to request permission for late arrival. If a late arrival is approved, you should be certain that the Summer Session office knows when and how you will arrive. No student will be allowed to arrive later than early Wednesday evening, June 28th, 2017.

How rigorous are afternoon activities?

All afternoon activities are recreational and coed.  They meet on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons for ~60 minutes. 

How much homework will I have?

Most students will have between 3 and 4 hours of homework per night.

Are courses held every day?

Classes are held Monday through Saturday.

What should I bring?

Each student is encouraged to bring a fan for his/her desk (these can also be purchased locally). Students should pack appropriate summer clothing, including athletic clothing, as well as any necessary school supplies. Linens - including a pillow, set of extra long twin sheets, lightweight blanket, and towels - are provided.  Although Phillips Academy has several computer centers with Apple and PC computers, students are encouraged to bring their own computers to campus.

How much spending money should I bring and how will I manage my money?

Students are encouraged to have a checking account at a bank, either in their hometown or in the town of Andover. There is a Bank of America ATM on campus, located by the student mailboxes in the lower level of George Washington Hall. Banks and ATMs located in downtown Andover, a short walk from campus, include Bank of America, Santander Bank, and TD Bank. Some students also find traveler's checks to be a useful option. Personal spending habits vary. However, approximately $700 is recommended for trips, tours, and personal spending money. 

Will I be allowed to use the swimming pool?

The swimming pool is available for students and faculty families to use during designated time periods. You will receive a schedule of free swim times after you arrive.

Will there be food choices available for vegetarians?

Paresky Commons serves a wide variety of foods to accommodate the many different cultures of the students who attend Summer Session. There are vegetarian options offered as well as rice, pasta, salad, and prepared vegetables available.

How should my family and friends address mail to me?

Families and friends may send mail and packages to:

Phillips Academy Summer Session
180 Main Street
Andover MA 01810

All mail and packages will be held in the mail room in George Washington Hall. You will be assigned a personal mail box when you arrive. If you receive a package, you will be notified by email. The mail room operating hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Is there internet access in the dormitories?

Internet access through the campus network is available in the dorms; though the wireless network shuts down between midnight and 6am to encourage students to have a healthy sleep schedule. Students will receive an Andover email account at Registration, which they should use while they are attending Summer Session. Computers must have updated virus protection installed, such as Norton AntiVirus or McAfee, prior to arriving on campus.  

What should I wear?

Students dress informally but with a sense of propriety; there is no dress code at Phillips Academy. Students should have clothing suitable for trips to colleges, theaters, etc. Students should have swimming and athletic gear. Coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available in most dormitories; an optional laundry service may be purchased.

May I stay away from campus overnight?

Students may leave campus after classes on Saturday with written permission from parents and approval of Summer Session deans. An invitation from and the presence of an adult are required for the student to go home or to stay at a friend's home. No off-campus visit, with or without parents, may interfere with the student's responsibility to attend every class Monday through Saturday and study hours Sunday through Friday. Unauthorized absence from campus will result in dismissal.

Will I have free time?

Along with time for required classes and appointments, days are structured to allow ample time for individual study and relaxation in study areas, dormitory common rooms, and athletic facilities.

Why do I take only two courses?

Each Summer Session course is an in-depth study of a subject that requires substantial commitment and effort inside and outside of class. Taking more than two courses would not allow time for the other activities and opportunities offered by Summer Session. Choosing two courses with a heavy concentration in the same discipline is not advised.

What is expected of me?

We expect that all students come to Phillips Academy for a serious purpose, and are prepared to engage in a challenging, academic summer experience. Students joining our community are required to treat others with respect and to take responsibility for their own actions, whether or not those actions are explicitly covered by the rules. Rules and regulations, such as prohibitions on smoking and alcohol use, are clearly noted in our handbook – The Blue Book – sent to admitted students and families. Students sign a community agreement, thus committing to living honestly, safely, responsibly, and respectfully in a multicultural setting.