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PALS Program

PALS is a two-year, year-round program that provides academic enrichment, study skills, and learning strategies for Lawrence middle school students and assists them with the high school application process. Established in 1988, PALS serves up to 40 students from the Leonard and Parthum Middle Schools. All children are recommended by their teachers and receive full scholarships to attend. PALS ‘secret to success’ is the ratio of teacher-interns to students—1:2. The teacher interns are just a few years older than their students, and guided by a carefully planned curriculum and experienced qualified adults, they are powerful role models for the PALS students. The program’s name is derived from the key partners in this program: Phillips Academy, Andover High School, and the Lawrence Schools.

2017 Winter Newsletter

Download a PDF version of the newsletter.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the program, contact Dr. Greg Wilkin, PALS Director, by phone at 603-960-0874 or e-mail:


Phillips Academy offers more than 150 electives, including Fluid Mechanics, Existentialism, International Relations, and African Music and Culture.

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