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(MS)2 College Counseling

One of the goals of (MS)2 is to prepare scholars for college and possible STEM careers. To support this achievement, all (MS)2 scholars receive personalized guidance from our college counseling team.

First-year scholars meet individually with a college counselor to discuss how to plan their high school courses and when to take standardized tests. During their second summer, scholars continue to meet with their (MS)2 college counselor who helps ensure they are on track to fulfill graduation requirements and are able to include a comprehensive transcript with their college applications. Third-year scholars receive guidance on building a college list, writing essays, interviewing, visiting colleges, understanding the admissions process, and applying for financial aid. After completing the (MS)2 program, scholars continue to receive support through monthly check-ins during the fall of their senior year. (MS)2 college counselors provide reminders about important dates and are available to review college essays, assist with the common application, and answer questions about financial aid process.

At the end of the college application process, it is the expectation that all scholars will provide the (MS)2 program with a list of college applications, acceptances, scholarships, and matriculation.

Below are some links to online resources and a few Phillips Academy videos that you may find helpful.

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