Welcome International Students!

March 10, 2024

Dear International Student and Family,

Congratulations on your admission to Phillips Academy! I am excited to be one of the first people on campus to welcome you to the Big Blue family.

In September, you will have the opportunity to experience great learning, exciting opportunities, new experiences, friendships, and fun. Your time at Andover will be transformative, memorable and very special. We will be lucky to have you among us.

Andover has a diverse international student community, with 184 international students from 49 countries. Of these, are 118 non-U.S. citizens, and 55 are U.S. citizens or joint citizens living outside the United States. These students make up approximately 15 percent of the total student population, and the Academy expects to maintain a similar international student population in 2024-2025.

To help new international students adjust to life at Andover, there is a special New International Student Orientation (NISO) program during the Opening of School. For students who join us for NISO, this program begins a day before domestic students arrive on campus and includes activities to help students settle into their dorms, meet new friends, get acquainted with faculty and house counselors, find their way around campus, and enjoy fun and relaxing activities. There will be more to come, including an invitation to NISO, in the coming weeks!

There are also several student organizations geared towards international students, including International Club.

Andover's commitment to international students is rooted in our core value "youth from every quarter." By sharing cultural traditions, initiating conversations about cultural differences and similarities, and advancing global understanding, international students play an essential role in creating a diverse and inclusive community at Andover.

We look forward to welcoming you to Andover and wish you a successful and fulfilling academic year.

The Rev. Gina M. Finocchiaro
International Student Coordinator
[email protected]


As a new member of our community, there are some important forms that you need to complete before you arrive on campus. Please watch for more information from Rev. Gina after April 10.