International Club

Congratulations on the behalf of International Club to all Admitted New International Students!

You have worked so hard to get here and it has finally all paid off. Hopefully, you will now have some time to relax and reflect on whether you’d like to make Andover your new home. If you do choose to attend Phillips Academy (and we hope you do), we want you to know that you will be celebrated and appreciated for the rich background you have to offer. With all your talents and charisma, your cultural background is an important aspect of yourself that we cannot wait for you to share with the Andover community. Youth from every quarter can only truly be exemplified when we foster a community of youth who revel in the cultural diversity in their midst and it is our hope that you join this school with a desire to contribute and to learn with and from others.

International Club (iClub) works with international students from the moment they decide that Andover is where they want to be. Our mission is to celebrate cultural diversity and ensure the new international students find a place and a voice on the Andover campus. When you begin your journey at Andover, we will help introduce you all to the community through the New International Student Orientation (NISO) program. Each new international student is paired with one current Andover student to act as their World Partner and mentor throughout the year. If you do decide to come, your World Partner will contact you sometime in the spring to help begin your journey.

We at iClub are so excited to meet each and every one of you. Hopefully, if we do our jobs well, Andover can be a welcoming and exciting community for you upon arrival until graduation. iClub exists not only to provide a home for the international students on campus, but also as a place where the whole community can engage in topics that matter to international students. We are here to be your support network, so please feel free to email any of us with questions any time. We can’t wait to meet you all in person!


The iClub Senior Board

Club Description

iClub is open to all foreign and domestic students interested in the cultures, languages, and traditions of other nations. It is our mission to support the hopes of Andover’s Founding Charter, the education of youth from every quarter. iClub is one of the oldest and largest student-run clubs at Andover. Originally, it was established to provide support for Phillips Academy’s growing number and diversity of foreign students and to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of foreign cultures within the school community.

iClub meets bi-weekly and encourages students to learn from one another through cultural or educational discussions, presentations, or games. Major school-wide events include International Festival, a few times a year! Club members have many occasions to bond, get inspired, and learn from one another.

The New International Student Orientation, which takes place every year just before the start of school, is a student-led introduction to life and study at Phillips Academy. It is a tremendous help and support for all the new international students in their transition to Andover.