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Henry Manice at brewery
Brewing Up Fun

Alumnus taps entrepreneurial spirit to launch brewery

Charlie Jarvis ’15 (left) and Sarah Wendell Sherrill ’04
Shaking up the art world

Recognizing that the art market was ripe for innovation, two alumnae helped build solutions to pay artists equitably.

Tracy Kidder
A Doctor Offers Hope, Healing to Boston's Homeless

In his new book, Tracy Kidder highlights Dr. Jim O’Connell's mission to provide support to Boston’s unhoused community.

Courant journalists from 1955
Literary excellence for 150 years

The Courant celebrates a milestone anniversary

50 cover design
Abbot & Andover at 50: Then, Now, Next

Since 1973, Abbot Academy has been a catalyst for diversity and bold innovation in education at PA

illustration of friendship, hands and hearts
Not for self, for others

1951 classmates extol the virtues of friendship