Family Webinar Series

Family Webinar Series

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New Family Orientation

This webinar is designed to help new families prepare for the upcoming school year at Andover.

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Academic Skills Center and Student Accessibility Services

This webinar highlights the range of valuable resources and services provided by the Academic Skills Center, focusing on how the office supports students in developing essential academic skills and strategies for success. Additionally, we highlight the vital role of Student Accessibility Services in supporting students with disabilities and promoting a more accessible and inclusive educational environment.

Questions? Contact the Academic Skills Center or Student Accessibility Services.

For more information, visit the Academic Skills Center website.
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Host Family Program

Are you interested in learning more about the Host Family Program? Whether you are considering your student’s participation or interested in serving as a host family for an international student, this webinar is for you. We provide an overview of the Host Family Program, detailing the roles and responsibilities of both host families and participating students. We also share insights into the benefits of joining the program.

Questions? Contact the International Student Coordinator.

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