FAQ for Students & Families

This collection of frequently asked questions will continue to evolve and grow throughout the 2022-2023 school year. Please check back often for updates. Additional questions may be submitted for review to [email protected].


Most new and returning students should arrive Saturday, September 3. Some students have been asked to return early. The dates these students should register are listed below. If students have questions regarding their arrival, they should contact the appropriate person, such as the coach, club advisor, international students coordinator, or Dean of Students Office. Unless specifically invited, students may not arrive prior to their scheduled registration.

  • Thursday, September 1 | 9–11 a.m. | Dean of Studies Office in GW
    Registration for Proctors, Prefects, Day Student Mentors, EBI Seniors, School & Cluster Co-Presidents, CAMD Power Players, World Partners, and Blue Key Heads
  • Friday, September 2 | 8–11 a.m. | Snyder Center
    Registration for New International Students, Blue Key Orientation Leaders, Invited Fall Varsity Candidates for Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, and Water Polo. See Snyder Center parking.
  • Saturday, September 3 | 9 a.m.–1 p.m. | Snyder Center
    Registration for all other new and returning students. See Snyder Center parking.

      Health and Wellness

      Will Andover require the COVID-19 vaccination for students?

      With vaccinations now widely available and crucial toward reducing transmission and risk of significant disease, Andover requires vaccinations for all students who are eligible to receive them. This currently includes all students (except those who have been granted a religious or medical exemption, which must be renewed annually). Andover is following the position taken by the American College Health Association, which recommends requiring vaccinations for all students this school year. In all cases, we will follow policy with respect to those seeking religious or medical exemptions.


      When will I be assigned an advisor, and when will I receive my class schedule?

      • Week of August 29: Students will be notified of their 2022–2023 advisor via email.
      • September 4: New students will meet with their advisor.
      • September 5: Fall class schedules will be released to all students.
      • September 5: All students will meet with their advisor after reviewing their class schedule. Students can ask questions at that time and prepare any requests they would like to make during the Add-Drop period at the start of the term.

      What are the responsibilities of a point person and an advisor?

      All students are assigned a point person (the primary adult communication contact for students and families) and an advisor (the person who oversees and supports a student’s progress through our program). Day students are assigned a Day Student Advisor, who serves as both point person and advisor. For boarding students, their house counselor serves as point person. For some boarding students, the house counselor might also serve as their advisor. Other boarding students will have a second adult assigned in the role of advisor, because not all house counselors advise and not all advisors live in dormitories. Families should always reach out to their student’s point person with questions and concerns. The point person coordinates communication among the various adults on a student’s team.

      How/when can I change my class schedule?

      Students will have an opportunity to discuss their course selection with their advisor and make final requests during the Add-Drop period at the start of the term.

      Not all requests can be accommodated due to limited openings and the need to balance section sizes. Students may not request particular periods or teachers. Advisors will instruct students on the process for requesting changes. Two advising periods have been scheduled in the first week of classes for students to meet with advisors.

      How will I get my textbooks?

      The Academy currently purchases course materials in bulk for all classes. These materials—a physical book, information for access to electronic resources, or information on availability of books at the library—will be provided by teachers on the first day of classes. To cover the cost of the books and other course materials, a Course Materials Charge of $800 is included in the first student tuition invoice. This yearly $800 charge will be placed in a separate Course Materials Account; the account will also be used to cover art fees, PSATs, and Advanced Placement Exams. Any balance in your child’s Course Materials Account will be refunded upon their departure from the Academy. If you have any questions, please email Cindy Stewart.

      When do I learn about my placement in math, science, languages, and music?

      Students will receive their course lists (including placements in math, science, language, and music) from their advisors during their initial advising meeting when they arrive on campus.

      Can I retake a placement test?

      We do not allow students to retake a placement test over the summer or at the start of school. Students wishing to change their world language selection in September may be asked to take a placement test in that new language. Students can discuss their language placement with their teacher during the first week of classes. The math department does not offer credit or advancement for any work done over the summer; summer work should be taken for enrichment rather than acceleration. Students should expect to take the math course they are placed in. New students will have an opportunity to ask questions of department chairs during orientation.

      How do I find out about private music lessons?

      You can submit a request for private music lessons when you meet with your advisor prior to the start of each trimester. New students will have an opportunity to request music lessons and rental instruments during their orientation.

      How do I change the sport I originally signed up for?

      To change a sport, visit Ms. Buckley in the Athletics Office in Borden Gym.

      Does each course have a page on the Web?

      Yes. Canvas is our learning management platform. Course information will be provided to you and updated regularly on Canvas by your course instructor.

      Is there an official school email account for students?

      Every student has an Andover email account. Students are expected to check this account several times each day and to communicate with the teachers, staff, administrators, etc., using their Andover email.

      When will I meet my College Counselor?

      Students are assigned college counselors in January of their upper (11th-grade) year. For a non-traditional timeline, the student must contact the College Counseling Office (CCO) in the spring of lower year.

      Since each student will work with a college counselor, their advisor is not asked to be an expert on the entrance requirements of individual colleges and universities, programs within these schools, or the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The CCO can consult on such matters at any point in a student’s career.

      What kind of laptop do I need for courses?

      All students are required to have a portable electronic device—either a laptop or a tablet—for class activities and assignments. Recognizing that students have varied preferences, PA leaves the choice of device to the students and their families. Some students have Windows laptops and some have Macs. Each student is provided with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook is used for email. If you have additional questions, please contact the Technology Help Desk at helpdesk@andover.edu or 978-749-4357.

      Is there a summer reading list?

      No there is no reading list, but we encourage you to read for pleasure over the summer.

      Does Andover have classes on Saturday?

      There are no classes on the weekends.

      Where can I purchase school supplies or personal use?

      • The Elson Art Store on campus offers a wide range of class supplies, fine art materials, and creative materials for all projects at a 30-70% discount off retail prices. The Art Store is located off Chapel Avenue in the Elson Art Center and is open Monday – Friday 8 AM – 3:30 PM.
      • A large CVS is located in downtown Andover and stocks a large selection of school supplies in addition to snacks and personal care products. There are also a Whole Foods (1.3 mile walk) and Stop & Shop (1.5 mile walk) in Andover.

      Are boarders required to wear masks in their dorm?

      Masking will continue to play an important role in reducing COVID transmission on and off campus. While risk of transmission is currently greatest in household or familial situations (such as the dorm environment), we recognize that the dorm is a boarding student’s home. Therefore, we will continue to minimize masking in the dorm when we determine it is safe to do so. Students should expect masking might be required from time to time in indoor buildings on campus (during periods of potentially increased transmission risk). Masking in individual rooms when alone will not be required. Masking is required in healthcare spaces such as the Sykes Wellness Center and athletic training rooms.

      Residential Life

      When will my child receive their cluster assignment [day students] or cluster and housing assignment [boarding students]?

      An email will be sent the week of August 22 to all students (copied to parents) with their cluster assignments; boarders will also receive housing information. The email will include roommate information (if applicable), house counselor(s), and a request that students contact their cluster dean.

      What should my student bring to campus?

      Please review our lists of What to Bring and What Not to Bring to Campus. Documents are also available on The Hive under “Resources.” It is also important to understand our Central Services Mailroom Policies for shipping items.

      Can I bring an area rug?

      Please hold off on bringing an area rug – the room may already have carpet in place, and we cannot get you the dimensions of your child’s particular room ahead of time; Once you know your child’s space then you could consider an area rug but please do so in consultation with your child’s roommate to be sure there are no allergy/ other concerns.

      In terms of room decorations, what can kids bring/hang on their walls?

      Students can bring items that are familiar, comfortable, and important to them – stuffed animals, pictures, posters, etc. We ask that all decorations be appropriate in content and messaging – if you are unsure, please consult with your house counselor before displaying the item (or leave the item at home).

          When can I begin shipping items to campus?

          The Central Services mailroom will begin accepting shipments of items on Monday, August 22. Please do not ship items before this date. Remember, the mailroom will not accept any item or package that weighs more than 40 pounds. Please refer to the Central Services Mailroom Policies.

          May day students drive to school?

          Licensed day students may drive to school with parental permission. Parents can give this permission on the Travel Permission form (available on the HIVE). Day students with permission MUST register all vehicles that will be driven to campus with Phillips Academy Campus Safety and display the blue student registration sticker on each vehicle’s driver’s side, back seat window. Students who do not register their vehicle(s) or park in non-student areas, will be issued a parking ticket and a $10 fine. If parked in certain restricted areas, such as a fire lane, handicapped space without a placard, or blocking a driveway, the vehicle will be towed.

          Students may park only in these student designated parking areas:

          • Row of parking spaces that faces Highland Rd. in the Stuart House lot.
          • Row of parking spaces that boarders Graves Field in the Graves Hall parking lot.
          • Head-in parking spaces at the Pink Knoll Cluster circle.

          How do Andover students do their laundry?

          Andover students have two options:

          • They can launder their clothes in the card-operated washers and dryers located in most dorms*. Students who choose to do their own laundry, can purchase laundry cards ($5) and add funds to the card from card dispensers located in the basement of George Washington Hall and Paresky Commons. IMPORTANT information:
            • The laundry card dispensers accept CASH ONLY.
            • The smallest bill accepted is a $5; it does not accept dollar bills.
            • It does not make change.
            • Be sure to wait and follow the prompts. Cards can be deactivated or money lost if the directions are not followed correctly.
            • We recommend adding no more than $20 at a time since the funds on the card cannot be refunded.
          • They can sign up for the E&R laundry service, which returns cleaned, pressed, and folded clothes to students once a week. Contact: www.eandrcleaners.com

          *A few, very small dorms do not have their own washer and dryer. Students in these dorms are given access to an adjacent dorm’s laundry room to do their laundry.

          Can day students eat meals on campus?

          Yes, they are welcome to eat all meals in Paresky Commons.

          Where are Day Students dropped off and picked up?

          There is central and convenient day student drop-off at the circle on Salem Street across from the Shuman Admissions Center and another drop-off location outside George Washington Hall (entrance off of circle).


          Boarders cannot have refrigerators in their rooms. Exceptions are made for medical reasons; families can reach out the Sykes Wellness Center. If approved, the refrigerator cannot exceed 1.7 cubic feet or 40 pounds.

          All dorms have a common kitchen area that includes a refrigerator, microwave, and sink.

          Family Weekend

          When is Family Weekend?

          Mark your calendars for Family Weekend, October 14–16. More information will be forthcoming.