Teruyo Shimazu

Born and raised in Japan. Since childhood, I have been encouraged and inspired by my parents, who strongly believe in global citizenship. I have traveled all over the world and learned many different languages. After graduating from college, I once worked at one of the umbrella organizations of the United Nations. I met with a retired colonel from NATO, who saw a talent of teaching and inspiring others in me. I believe that education is the core of the peace of the world and the best instrument to bring humanity out of everyone. And the languages are the tools for bridging people together for better understanding and unity. With these philosophies in mind, I have been enjoying meeting, teaching, and learning from the students. I also try to be a student so that I never forget what it is like to be a student. Every year I take a course or two, either on campus from a colleague or off-campus. This makes me very empathetic as a teacher. Since my son is old enough, I am back to where I left off after my master's degree and seeking a PhD in Linguistics and Brain Science.

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