Lisa Johnson Svec ’81

My love of languages started at Andover, where some of my favorite memories are of Spanish and German classes in Sam Phil. A gap year in Germany as an AFS (American Field Service) student led to a major in German at Dartmouth College. There, as a Rassias drill instructor, I discovered my love for teaching. In 1986 I returned to Andover, initially as a teaching fellow, and then after an M.A. from Tufts University as a full-time instructor in German. Since then I have taught 1st through 6th year German, coached gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and nordic skiing, been a house counselor and complementary house counselor in both boys' and girls' dorms, and led numerous student trips to German-speaking countries. When not teaching I can be found organizing hikes in Austria or the White Mountains, playing scrabble and cribbage, or doing triathlons.

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