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Lisa Johnson Svec ’81

Chair and Instructor
Chair and Instructor in German on the John Mason Kemper-Class of 1949 Teaching Foundation

B. A. Dartmouth College
M.A. Tufts University

My love of languages started at Andover, where some of my favorite memories are of Spanish and German classes in Sam Phil.

A gap year in Germany as an AFS (American Field Service) student led to a major in German at Dartmouth College. There, as a Rassias drill instructor, I discovered my love for teaching. In 1986 I returned to Andover, initially as a teaching fellow, and then a full time instructor in German. Since then I have taught 1st through 6th year German, coached gymnastics, swimming, soccer and nordic skiing, been a house counselor and complement in both boys' and girls' dorms and led numerous student trips to German speaking countries.

I try to create a positive, fun class environment for my students, using music, theater, film, history, games, and off-campus opportunities to promote language learning. When not teaching I can be found hiking in Austria or the White Mountains, playing scrabble and cribbage, or doing triathlons.

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