Lilia Cai

Dr. Cai’s research interests include Asian American feminist leadership and the decolonization of global education.

I was born in Shanghai, China, and grew up in a family of teachers. I have a B.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and an M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology. Prior to coming to Andover, I taught in the Amazon Rain Forest of Ecuador as a WorldTeach volunteer, and in K-12 schools in China, Namibia, the Galapagos Islands and Tibet. I love teaching at Andover because this is a place where I can innovate, create and lead. For example, I co-teach an interdisciplinary course with the English Department titled "Chinatowns and Asian American Immigrant Experience." I was a Tang Institute Fellow (2016-2017) and I am a Faculty Fellow of the Brace Center for Gender Studies, researching the relationship between Asian philosophies and Asian American feminism. I am also a certified yoga instructor, and teach yoga and mindfulness to students and community members. I am the house counselor of Isham dorm, a junior girls' dorm, and I live there with my husband, my daughter and our rambunctious black lab mix.

[email protected]
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