Lilia Cai

Dr. Cai's pedagogical goal is to teach Chinese in a culturally responsive way that connects to students' various aspects of identities.

I'm a native of Shanghai and grew up in a family of teachers. I have a B.A. in International Chinese Studies, an M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology, and an Ed.D. in Leadership in Schooling. In my 12 years of teaching at Andover, I have enjoyed teaching all levels of classes but particularly enjoyed teaching and developing high-level electives such as Chinatown and the Chinese American Immigrant Experience, Chinglish the Play, Screening Contemporary Chinese Cinema, and LGBTQ+ Literature and Media in China. I was the 2018 Faculty Fellow for the Brace Center of Gender Studies and a two-time Tang Institute Fellow. As a teacher scholar, I have presented my research at various national conferences covering topics such as Asian American feminist school leadership, reclaiming voices of Asian women in a systemically white mindfulness movement, decolonizing global education through the lens of intersectional feminism, queer pedagogy in Chinese, affirmative action and Asian American students, etc. I'm the (co)faculty advisor for AWE, ACSA, and PA Dems. I'm a certified yoga instructor, and in my free time I run, dance, meditate, sing Karaoke, write calligraphy, and play guqin. The school year 2023-2024 marks multiple new beginnings for me as I will be moving into the Clement House as a house counselor, and I will be an Andover parent as my child becomes a high school student.

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