Leon Calleja

“I currently teach English electives that explore the intersections of law, literature and philosophy.”

Andover's mission aspires to attract "youth from every quarter." It's this diversity of individuals that offers a truly unique educational and residential experience on campus. Students are encouraged to work hard to understand others' ideas, perspectives, and the world around them, and in doing so, develop their own authentic selves. At the core of this learning is the classroom community, where students learn to collaborate with each other and care deeply about the lives of others and the need for us all to root out inequities in our world. Robust learning also occurs among colleagues, where I am surrounded by an extraordinarily gifted faculty who are experts in their fields, collaborative partners, and masterful teachers. In my own work, I am driven by questions of how an individual's strongest subjective experiences impact their own identity and relate to more objective beliefs—beliefs that define our culture, morality, and sense of law and justice. Andover allows me the opportunity to learn from both highly motivated students and collaborative colleagues, so that my courses can continue to guide student investigations into narrative and poetic voices—and their relationship to the self, objectivity and truth.

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