Jeff Domina

"In addition to reading, writing, and teaching, I enjoy running, listening to music, and spending time with my family."

Domina has deep experience with the Academy’s teaching, residential, athletic, advising, and co-curricular programs during his 20-year career at PA. Along with service as an English teacher, Domina has served as an academic advisor, day student advisor, and house counselor, and was chair of the Department of English for six years. Domina served on the school’s last two strategic planning committees, convened a humanities teaching workshop, co-taught an interdisciplinary course on the Civil War, and was co-director of the faculty seminars on race, class, and gender. He also has been head coach of the boys’ cross-country team since 2010.

Prior to joining Phillips Academy, Domina taught English at University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio, and was a graduate instructor of English at the University of Virginia. He has an AB degree from Duke University and a master’s degree from the University of Virginia.
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