Ellen Greenberg

Alumni still request her banana bread: "I've mailed it to students, brought loaves to MIT soccer games—you name it."

There are many constants in my 30+ years at Andover, but then so much is new every year. I teach and coach and live on campus with students, and as they come through my life and grow and change, so do I. I am an active and engaged supporter of my advisees and their families. In the classroom I develop statistics curriculum that engages students around social justice topics. My colleagues in the math department are wonderful and I feel blessed to be on this journey with them. Our community has done much work along the lines of equity and inclusion, and has much to do going forward. I love to teach our youngest students, to encourage them and spark an interest in the study of mathematics here at Andover. I continue to examine my own practices and how best to support students in a changing world and on our changing campus. Often the work I do is done one student at a time, at the individual level. I stand ready to be a part of a more systematic support network and to address issues of equity alongside my students.

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