Elizabeth Meyer

I teach Latin and Greek here at Phillips Academy, and live in Palmer House. I am currently serving as Head of World Languages. Within my field, I have a special interest in philology and linguistics, which comes through in my teaching just about every day. I am also fascinated by rhetoric, and wrote my dissertation on epistolary ethos in Cicero’s letters. As a classicist, I am the black sheep of my family, since I have four brothers with Ph.D.s in physics, and a sister with a Ph.D. in applied statistics. When as a student I told my family proudly that I was translating Vergil’s Eclogues, my father (Ph.D. in physical chemistry) looked puzzled and asked, “Didn’t somebody already do that?” The reaction of a pure scientist! I came to Phillips Academy planning to stay only a year or two, but was so inspired by my students that I decided to spend my career here. I love my job.

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