Christine Marshall P’25

At Andover, I've found ways to weave work as a neuroscientist, educator, curriculum developer, and parent into a healthy, balanced life. I enjoy translating cognitive science research into practical learning tips for all types of students. Yes, learning ways to manage attention, cognitive load, sleep, and stress can be fun! Through storytelling, cultural sharing, and personal reflection, I help students “learn how to learn” more deeply, while knitting together diverse communities within my classroom. Bioethics is also a personal passion; I love supporting students as they learn to develop, substantiate, and communicate their own ideas about our collective human nature. Before joining the Andover community in 2008, I worked as a developmental neurobiologist, studying cell fates and lineages within the cerebral cortex. My experiences as a researcher enrich my teaching every single day, and I remain an active member of the Society for Neuroscience.

Columbia University: PhD in neurobiology and behavior; Harvard Medical School/Howard Hughes Medical Institute: postdoctoral research fellowship; The Hastings Center: scholar in residence, 2010

[email protected]
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