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May 21, 2024

“If We All Do Our Part”

Today’s Andover Fund donors know what makes an impact

More than 7,000 donors supported the Andover Fund last year—with gifts of every size totaling over $10 million. But what does that truly mean? For the Academy…a whole lot.

Here’s why: The cost of an Andover education outpaces the school’s endowment and tuition resources each year. And donations to the Andover Fund must fill that gap—covering nearly 10 percent of the school’s operating costs. These essential dollars are then allocated where they’re needed most, such as financial aid, classroom learning, health and wellness, or other key initiatives.

Andover Fund donors put their non sibi values into action, and their annual participation pays dividends. Here are some of their reflections:

“Andover changed the trajectory of our lives, and giving back is our way of saying thank you. It also keeps you connected with the school. Campus has changed so much, and we want all kids to benefit from everything PA has to offer. But they can’t do it without our help.”

Walidah ’94 & Anthony Aime ’92, P’25

“I choose to give to the Andover Fund because I know my donation is going toward what the community requires each year—whether that’s new technology, faculty support, or strengthening the ability to meet students’ needs. I want to pay it forward to the next generation that comes through Andover.”

Olivia Cabral ’14

PA set my family on the path to where it is today, and if I can give just a little bit of financial support to guarantee that others have these opportunities, I’ll do it. If we all do our part, we can ensure that Andover remains as diverse and open as it has ever been.

Ryan T. McChristian ’03

“I’ve long thought of Andover as a place of hope. I donate because I see a real commitment in the school’s mission to teach today’s students to be thoughtful global citizens. My gifts to the Andover Fund provide the school with the flexibility it needs to fulfill this charge.”

Cindy Sorensen ’63

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