Amy Falls
March 15, 2022

Monumental campaign impact

Board President Amy Falls ’82, P’19, ’21 increases overall support to $20 million

Phillips Academy announced a milestone gift increase today, making Amy Falls ’82, P’19, ’21 the most prominent woman in the school's fundraising history. President of the Board of Trustees and campaign co-chair, Falls and her husband, Hartley Rogers, have donated more than $20 million to the Knowledge & Goodness campaign.

Every aspect of the school is touched by their generosity—student scholarships, wellness programming, faculty support, the Tang Institute, the Addison Gallery of American Art, equity and inclusion initiatives, and capital projects, including the renovation of the library and a new music building.

“This moment reflects the passion that Amy and Hartley have for educational endeavors and their desire to increase opportunities for students and faculty today and in the future,” said Head of School Raynard Kington, MD, PhD, P’24. “It is also a statement of profound confidence in our faculty and staff and the work they do to support our mission.”

With over 30 years of investment and management experience, Falls is vice president and chief investment officer at Northwestern University. She oversees Northwestern’s $15 billion investment portfolio, which supports a wide range of university operations. A former managing director at Morgan Stanley and CIO at Rockefeller University, Falls was also the inaugural CIO at Andover, establishing the school’s New York-based investment team and managing the endowment through both prosperous and challenging times.

This contribution to Andover is near and dear to my heart because Andover changed my life and continues to change the lives of so many amazing young people.

Amy Falls ’82, P’19, ’21

Hartley Rogers is chairman of Hamilton Lane and is a trustee and the treasurer of the Institute of International Education, which manages the Fulbright and Gilman Scholar programs on behalf of the U.S. Department of State, among other activities. He serves as chairman of the advisory board of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, Harvard’s online learning initiative.

“Hartley and I have made it our mission to proactively support education and have committed over $50 million across multiple institutions,” said Falls. “This contribution to Andover is near and dear to my heart because Andover changed my life and continues to change the lives of so many amazing young people. We are not a perfect institution—no place is. But what our students and faculty accomplish every day is astounding.”

The Knowledge & Goodness campaign set out to raise $400 million for priorities vital to Andover’s distinctive mission and vision for the future. Gifts and pledges to date now exceed $354 million.

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