February 07, 2020

Final lap for the Cage and Smith Center

Buildings to be razed in preparation for the construction of the Pan Athletic Center

Visible progress towards the construction of the anticipated Pan Athletic Center can now be seen at the future building site. A perimeter security fence has been installed surrounding the Case Memorial Cage and Smith Center in preparation for the demolition of the two buildings. Work on phase one of the project is expected to conclude this spring.

With the completion of the Synder Center, the Cage and Smith Center hosted their final athletic contests in the winter of 2017. The new Pan Athletic Center will house a swimming and diving complex, dance studios, wrestling facilities, locker rooms, and the Athletics Hall of Honor.

The Cage was designed in 1922-23 by well-known architect Guy Lowell of Boston. The building served as a home for indoor track and field, wrestling, student clubs, intramurals, and community events.

Sumner Smith Rink was built in 1950 and was the first artificial ice rink facility in the history of prep schools in America. The rink was covered with a roof in 1958 and was reconditioned during the summer of 1980.

Here’s a look back at the spaces that created so many memories for Andover alumni and families.

Through The Years

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Cage construction, May 4, 1923

Cage construction, 1923.

Cage construction, 1923

Cage as originally constructed in 1923, before the addition of hockey rink in the 1950s

Cage dedication ceremony, June 1923.

Cage dedication, June 1923

Inside the Cage, 1923

1967 Hockey Team in the Smith Center. Photo by Richard Lux.

The Cage was also home to Andover wrestling meets. 2008.

During the renovation of Paresky Commons, the Smith Center served as the Academy dining hall. The space was dubbed "uncommons."

Back cover, 2008 Winter Andover Bulletin. Artist Wade Zahares was commissioned to create a mural inside of the Smith Center during its "Uncommons" phase.

Cage welcoming Summer Session students

The Cage is the first stop for Summer session registration

Final track meet in the Cage, February 2017

Indoor Track long jump at the Cage

Indoor Track high jump at the Cage

During Opening of School, the Cage hosted lunch for new students and families.

Dana Delany ’74 emceed the Knowledge & Goodness: The Andover Campaign launch in the transformed Smith Center.

Pentatonix's Kevin Olusola '06 performed at the Knowledge & Goodness: The Andover Campaign launch in the Smith Center.

Annual college and summer opportunities fairs were housed in the Cage

Students participate in Non Sibi Day.

Student volunteers meet in the Cage.

A security fence surrounds the Cage in preparation for demolition.

A security fence surrounds the Smith Center in preparation for demolition.

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