December 09, 2020

5 ways to make an impact through annual giving

Learn why Andover values every gift of every size

1. Address urgent needs

Need-blind admission remains our hallmark and, especially now, families rely on financial aid to make their child’s Andover dreams come true. Annual gifts secure this commitment—and help PA strengthen everything from distance learning to wellness initiatives.

2. Deepen your Andover connection

Annual giving provides ways to elevate whatever made your Andover or Abbot experience special. Maybe it was athletics or the performing arts or the Addison. Whatever your interest, you can foster it for today’s students. And, if you’re a PA parent, you can boost all that’s making your child’s education exceptional right now.

3. Close the funding gap

No matter how you choose to support Andover, annual gifts make every academic term the strongest possible. That’s because the Andover Fund closes the gap between the school’s endowment and tuition resources and the critical needs of our community each year.

4. Become part of something bigger

All gifts are meaningful because they combine to benefit our students and faculty in myriad ways. Last year, donations of under $500 raised more than $680,000 for the Academy and made an immediate difference in the lives of others.

5. Spark Knowledge & Goodness

Every annual gift counts in our Knowledge & Goodness campaign, with annual support forming a significant portion of the Academy’s fundraising total. Those who give yearly are making a continuous impact in this historic effort.

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Originally printed in The Vista: Views from the Knowledge & Goodness Campaign, fall 2020.

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