November 10, 2016

Patricia Russell to join Mastery Transcript Consortium

Appointment will begin in July 2017
by Phillips Academy

Head of School John Palfrey announced to the campus community this week that Dean of Studies Patricia Russell will become the Interim Executive Director of the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC). Her appointment will begin in July 2017.

Palfrey noted that Russell has chosen to vacate her role as Dean of Studies in June 2017, and plans to take a leave of absence for the 2017-18 academic year to lead the MTC.

With a growing number of member schools, the consortium’s fundamental mission is to change the college preparation model for high schools across the country, both public and private. The MTC seeks to develop and distribute an alternative model of assessment, crediting and transcript generation. This model calls for students to demonstrate a mastery of skills, knowledge, and habits of mind by presenting evidence that is then assessed against a school’s institutional-specific standard of mastery.

“This new role presents a unique opportunity for Trish to apply her experience and passion for secondary education toward the advancement of a promising national initiative,” said Palfrey. “The MTC is fortunate to have her visionary leadership as its guide.”

Leading the MTC is an extension of the work that Russell has been doing at Andover for 28 years. Her current and previous roles involve a range of expertise that weaves both academic and residential areas of education. As a veteran science teacher, science division head, cluster dean, sustainability coordinator and dean of studies, she has been a strong advocate for student-centered and project-based learning, integration of community engagement and connected learning across the curriculum.

“I am personally grateful for Trish’s guiding wisdom on a number of strategic initiatives around pedagogy, student learning modes, assessment and Andover’s commitment to continuous improvement,” Palfrey wrote in a letter to the community. “She was instrumental in the launch of the Tang Institute in 2014 and continues to oversee its programming, partnerships, research and knowledge-exchange across academia, technology and other fields. Finding meaningful intersections between innovation and education has long been a passion of Trish’s.”

He cited her role in helping to design a new calendar and schedule as the most recent of those examples that highlight Russell’s devotion to enhancing the overall student experience. She will continue leading the Dean of Studies team and department chairs through June 2017 while the faculty continues collaborative planning in preparation for a revised schedule in the 2017-2018 academic year.

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