October 21, 2017

2017 McKeen Award

Dr. Maggie Jackson Honored
by Allyson Irish

Dr. Margaret N. “Maggie” Jackson is the latest in a long line of esteemed individuals to receive the McKeen Award. A former PA psychologist, instructor in psychology, and an 18-year member of the executive board of the Brace Center for Gender Studies, Jackson was honored Friday, October 13, at a dinner and ceremony held on the Abbot campus.

Current Brace Center Director Flavia Vidal presented the award, and previous recipients Diane Moore, Rebecca Sykes, Kathy Dalton, and Tony Rotundo also attended the ceremony to honor Jackson.

Named after Philena McKeen, principal of Abbot Academy from 1859 to 1892, the McKeen Award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to shaping the new all-gender Phillips Academy in her spirit.

2017 McKeen Award Photos

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