Leagues and Pick-up Games

Adult Hockey - Winter I 2017

Monday Morning Pickup - 6:00 am 

Tuesday Lunchtime Pickup (with Stinky Socks) - 12:15 pm

Wednesday Morning League - 6:30 am

Wednesday Lunchtime Pickup - 12:00 pm

Thursday Luncthime Pickup - 12:30 pm

Friday Morning League - 6:30 am

Friday Lunchtime Pickup - 12:30 pm

more to be announced.....

Full Time Pickup + League Spots Available

To jump on any of the skates as a walk-on, please email rinks@andover.edu 

Additional skate times, specials, and weekly email are sent out to our adult hockey email distribtuion. If interested please send us an email to get on the list!