Financial Aid Requirements

Welcome to Access & Affordability

Andover admits outstanding students regardless of their families' ability to pay the cost of an Andover education. We are proud to say that we meet 100 percent of each admitted student's demonstrated financial need. Through our need-blind admission initiative, we encourage all qualified applicants to consider Andover, regardless of whether they can afford the full cost of attendance. Upon admission, applicants can be confident that their financial need, as determined by Andover's financial aid office, will be met.

Andover determines a family's ability to pay using our own standards. This process produces fair and generous individual results. For example, we do not include the value of a family's home up to $650,000 when considering their assets, and we provide a generous rental allowance for families who do not own a home. As we determine each family's financial need, a careful review is made of all special concerns and circumstances.

Welcome to Opportunity

Andover attracts by far the largest and most diverse applicant pool among peer schools. Given the strong representation of all socioeconomic groups within that pool, the Academy sets no prescribed ceiling on family income when offering full scholarships. Currently, the percentage of the student body on aid is 46 percent, while maintaining 12 percent of the student body on full scholarship.

Policy for Those Applying for Financial Aid from Cities/Towns within our Day Student Boundaries

If you reside in a nearby city/town and are also applying for financial aid, please understand that your financial aid award will be predicated on the day student tuition and will not include the additional cost associated with being a boarding student. You are welcome to apply as a boarding student, but your family will be responsible for the additional tuition necessary for you to live on campus if you are admitted and choose to enroll at Phillips Academy.

Families apply for financial aid at the same time students submit applications for admission.

Andover has discontinued student loans, replacing such loans with scholarship grants, allowing students to graduate without debt.

Heidi Jamieson Director of Financial Aid

Instructions for Families Applying for Financial Aid

Andover uses the Clarity Tuition application to securely collect your financial aid application and supporting tax documents. All applicant families, both international and domestic, with an interest in applying for financial aid should use the Clarity application. Like the admission application deadline, the financial aid application deadline is February 1.

Complete your financial aid application online between November 15 and February 1. Andover will communicate decisions about financial aid awards on March 10.

To get started, please go to the Financial Aid Application and create an account. The application typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. It is mobile-friendly so you can complete it from anywhere. You are also able to save your progress and return to it at any time. The submission fee is $55.

You may find these instructions to complete the financial aid application at Clarity helpful.

If you need support during the process of completing your application, there is in-app support available as well as email support at [email protected] in both English and Spanish. The application itself is also fully translated into Spanish.

Contact Us

If you have questions about financial aid at Andover, please contact Heidi Jamieson, director of financial aid.