William Herbert Withington, Class of 1850

Captain, 1st Michigan Infantry.

The Medal of Honor was presented “to Captain William Herbert Withington, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism on July 21, 1861, while serving with Company B, 1st Michigan Infantry, in action at Bull Run, Virginia. Captain Withington remained on the field under heavy fire to succor his superior officer.” His commander was Colonel Orlando Willcox, who was too gravely wounded to leave the field. They were captured and became prisoners of war, during which time Withington continued to tend to Willcox’s wounds. Following a prisoner exchange, Withington returned to service in the Army of the Potomac. He was again cited for gallantry at the Battle of South Mountain, Maryland, in September 1862. Following the war, Withington became a manufacturer of farm implements in Jackson, Michigan. Devoted to fellow Civil War veterans, in 1903 Withington commissioned a grand memorial honoring his comrades, titled Defense of the Flag.

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