Shirley Rae "Lee" Sullivan AA '68

Director, Abbot Academy Fund.

After graduating from Boston University in 1972, Lee moved to New York City where she worked in the financial services industry for over 35 years. She started on the Salomon Brothers trading floor (one of five women) as a generalist in securities sales to insurance companies, banks and money managers based in the greater New York area. She moved into finance while developing and structuring securities that led to the creation of the mortgage/asset backed industry. Lee’s investment banking clients included many corporations and government agencies in the US and overseas. After Salomon, Lee continued her career at Bear Stearns, Citibank and several financial advisory firms.

Since graduating from Abbot in 1968, Lee has served on the Andover Alumni Council, the Annual Giving Board, the Inaugural Committee for the Alumni Award of Distinction and is a lifelong Reunion Co-Chair. She stays in touch with AA/PA ’68 classmates through Facebook and mini reunions.

After years of commuting weekends to the New Hampshire seacoast, Lee relocated full time to be closer to her family and to use her extensive business experience supporting non-profits like the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum where she is Treasurer. She is an avid supporter of NH seacoast programs furthering outreach for challenged individuals.

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