Joseph, Lower

"Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Failure isn’t an issue unless you give up."

When I’m in the makerspace, aka The Nest, it’s like I’m not even at school. There are so many cool things to do and make and always excellent instructors to show you how to use the equipment.

My favorite projects so far are a mushroom table I made in an art elective and two group projects for English classes—a Plato’s Cave diorama and an Odyssey-themed board game. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. I had to 3-D print a pair of sunglasses seven times before I got it right. Failure isn’t an issue unless you give up.

Joseph is active in Model UN and the eco-friendly Smart Andover Club and as a day student representative for his cluster. He is a member of the Fantasy Football Club and PA Printer Club, which helps campus groups design and print T-shirts in the makerspace. Also a fencer, he has a knack for Latin and plays the electric guitar.

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