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May 21, 2024

By Women. For Women.

Andover Announces Major Philanthropy Initiative

As Andover celebrates its milestone 50 years of coeducation, the school is launching a formative endeavor designed to recognize and elevate the remarkable philanthropic impact women have made across its storied history. And continue to make toward its future.

Early founders of this emerging women’s initiative gathered on campus May 4, offering Andover and Abbot participants a unique opportunity to align their philanthropic vision with the next chapters of the Academy’s evolution.

Nationwide, more and more women are making powerful statements with their finances, contributing 64 percent of all charitable donations last year. The trend is evident on Andover Hill, too. Eighteen percent of Knowledge & Goodness campaign donors who invested over $100,000 were female, a marked increase from the 9 percent of women leadership donors in The Campaign for Andover over a decade prior.

Women have always played a vital part in Abbot and Andover’s development and having us in full strength, together, will only accelerate and amplify what we can achieve.

Amy C. Falls ’82, P’19, ’21 Trustee President & Founding Member

“Women are and have always been critical to the success of this institution, and I think celebrating their voices in the long arc of Abbot and Andover is important,” says Board of Trustees President Amy C. Falls ’82, P’19, ’21. Falls is the first woman to hold that position and a founding member of the initiative.

“Women’s roles are evolving—their philanthropy and visibility continue to expand,” says Falls. “This initiative is a way to recognize that while promoting a broader array of voices at the table. It’s about women discovering how they can grow and deepen their reach at the Academy.”

Currently, the program is seeking 50 founding members—joining at the $100,000-plus level—who wish to be architects of this historic enterprise. Founders will meet annually with various Academy leaders and task forces working to imagine and implement ideas for strategic planning for the coming decades. They will also serve as ambassadors, sharing insights within the initiative.

Members can fund and focus on the Academy-wide priorities that resonate most with them—everything from financial aid to health and wellness to teaching foundations and more. They will engage in annual programming and targeted communications, and enjoy cross-generational networking in a supportive community.

Mentorship will be a central component and is just one reason Catherine Ford ’11 became a founding member. She is inspired by the PA women who preceded her, whose generous legacies remain vibrant across academics, athletics, facilities, and beyond. Particularly through such programs as the Abbot Academy Fund, which has awarded grants to campus projects since 1973.

“I’m thinking of Barbara Landis Chase, Rebecca Sykes, Amy Falls, Kate Dolan, and Martha Fenton—not to mention all the wonderful teachers, peer leaders, and female friends I made at Andover and with whom I’m still close,” says Ford, who believes PA’s continued success depends on input from every demographic, including women. “I hope as many women join this initiative as are able.”

Falls concurs, and anticipates that this groundbreaking collective of women will not only strengthen the Academy but also broaden the horizons of those who choose to participate.

“My own early gifts propelled my thinking, my professional development, and my network—and paid huge dividends in terms of understanding myself, my potential to contribute, and how organizations run,” she says. “We need to fully empower our girls and women. Launching this initiative, this wonderful journey for them and for Andover, is incredibly exciting.”

To join this endeavor or to learn more, contact Nicole Cherubini, director of development, at [email protected].

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