June 14, 2022

True Blue

The power of Andover’s annual giving societies

Steadfast, dedicated, unwavering. Members of the Academy’s annual giving societies—the Bulfinch Loyalty Society and Non Sibi Association—know the value of participation. And they’re making it count year after year.

Audrey MacLean ’53 has donated to Andover annually for more than 40 years. Her perpetual generosity makes her a member of the Academy’s Bulfinch Loyalty Society, which recognizes all donors who give to the school in consecutive years. It’s named after one of PA’s most cherished buildings.

“Why do I give every year? My time at Abbot meant a lot to me!” says MacLean, a longtime class agent and volunteer leader. “The school doesn’t operate on endowment alone. There are so many things my unrestricted gifts are needed for, whether it’s supporting students, faculty, buildings, diversity, or financial aid.”

Bulfinch members like MacLean are rising to the challenge together. More than 6,600 individuals have donated to Andover for at least two years in a row, earning them a spot on the Bulfinch honor roll. And over 120 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends have been exceptionally true blue, giving each year for nearly five decades. These gifts, including those to the Andover Fund and Parent Fund, have enormous impact.

Likewise, the Non Sibi Association supports vital priorities across campus. With membership totaling over 1,800 last year, this society salutes leadership donors—those who annually give $1,778 or more. There were 549 new members just last year. Davis Barrow ’20, one of the association’s youngest donors as well as a Bulfinch Loyalty Society member, says his philanthropy helps him stay connected to Andover.

“My first gift was in the late spring of senior year, and I gave to Dr. Donald Slater’s class on Puritan history. During COVID, that class was very, very impactful,” he says. “Annual giving allows me to target my gifts to what speaks to me, and also to share with others what my friends and I experienced at Andover.”

Both Barrow and MacLean look forward to continued membership. “As my career grows, I hope to make a difference for future students and maybe give more,” says Barrow. “I hope these gifts are just the beginning.”

Be counted at andover.edu/TrueBlue.

Originally printed in The Vista: Views from the Knowledge & Goodness Campaign, spring 2022.

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