May 26, 2022

Grieving together

Members of our community are invited to come together Sunday, May 29

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in Uvalde, Texas, where a mass shooting at an elementary school has once again caused our country collective grief and outrage. Days away from school vacation, this tight-knit community lost 19 children and two teachers to senseless gun violence.

This latest tragedy heaps onto a years-long series of mass killings at churches, schools, a movie theater, and a grocery store. The compounding grief in these recent weeks alone weighs heavily on all of us.

Members of our community are invited to come together Sunday, May 29, at 6 p.m., on the steps of Cochran Chapel to process, reflect, and join in fellowship. All are welcome.

Facing yet another horrific event takes its toll in different ways for every individual. Below are links to family resources that may be helpful as you navigate these difficult times with your child. As always, the safety of our campus community is a priority. Faculty, staff, and students practice safety drills throughout the year, including fire evacuation and lockdown exercises. Academic, administrative, and residential buildings are locked all day, accessible via BlueCard only, and all classrooms can be locked quickly in the event of an intruder. Campus Safety officers patrol campus 24 hours a day and are in regular communication with the Andover Police Department.

If your student is struggling to process these latest events, please remind them that our campus chaplains and counselors at the Sykes Wellness Center are ready to support them.

Suggested family resources:

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