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February 16, 2022

Prioritizing Andover

How PA families are making the campaign count

“An Andover education is exceptional and unique,” says Cathe Chiaramonte P’15, ’19, ’23, “and I know philanthropy signals belief in the Academy—and the bright future of every student.”

Chiaramonte has donated since her first child arrived on campus and, like many parents, views annual support of the Parent Fund, coupled with further Knowledge & Goodness campaign gifts, as a way to create meaningful opportunities across campus.

“From financial aid to music, PA families can help propel the school forward,” she says. “Together, with alumni, we are helping redefine the student experience and strengthening the bonds that unite us all. My belief is that participation matters and gifts of any size, large or small, can make a difference.”

Indeed, more than 3,000 parents and grandparents have donated to Knowledge & Goodness to date—accounting for over $53 million in contributions to key goals and urgent needs.

PA families have been particularly drawn to the Andover Financial Aid Challenge, creating nearly one-third of these scholarship commitments, while making endowed and current-use aid one of their largest areas of campaign funding. They’ve also prioritized campus enhancements, such as the recent Oliver Wendell Holmes Library renovation, with almost 50 percent of the gifts coming from parents and grandparents.

My belief is that participation matters and gifts of any size, large or small, can make a difference.

Cathe Chiaramonte P’15, ’19, ’23

Early in the campaign, parents contributed 20 percent of all donations to the Snyder Center, and the Pan Athletic Center, which opens next year, was made possible in part by Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi P’17, ’19.

Other areas of student impact? Academic excellence, the Addison Gallery of American Art, and the Office of Community and Multicultural Development (CAMD)—all of which draw ongoing enthusiasm from parent donors.

“In addition, some of the most powerful gifts PA parents and grandparents can make are unrestricted, and we’re incredibly grateful for this and every expression of support,” says Rebecca Brewster, director of parent development. Seventy-five percent of Parent Fund donations were unrestricted in 2020–2021, enabling the Academy to direct them to where they were needed most throughout the school year.

“The inspiration of these gifts helps drive their importance,” emphasizes Chiaramonte. “Plus, every parent donation counts in the Knowledge & Goodness campaign—and does so much good for our Andover community.”

Support the Parent Fund at or reach Rebecca Brewster, director of parent development, at [email protected].

Originally printed in The Vista: Views from the Knowledge & Goodness Campaign, fall 2021.

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