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August 19, 2021

The Arts Issue

Alumni look at the world through visual and performing arts
by Rita Savard & Jennifer Meyers

Art is life...as the poet said. The process of creative expression—including imperfections and mistakes— has a way of legitimizing even the most off-the-radar ideas. Art keeps us learning and moving forward. Art encompasses open doors and open-endedness, heady themes, a diversity of viewpoints, and an imperative to experiment. There is a built-in expectation that someone will do something daring. The following alumni dare to look at the world differently through visual and performing arts and in doing so, provide others with bold new perspectives.

Though their work is vastly different, exploring the arts at Andover gave them a common language to tap into their curiosity, challenge convention, raise conversations, and discover that there is nothing more powerful than a wave of ideas whose time has arrived.

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