September 10, 2020

Launching Andover’s Anti-Racism Task Force

Task Force will build on the established foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Dear Andover Community,

The Board of Trustees of Phillips Academy is pleased to announce the formation and charge of Andover’s Anti-Racism Task Force (AATF). This AATF comes at a time of extraordinary engagement in racial equity work around the country and in our local community, sparked tragically by the brutal murders this spring and summer of George Floyd and other noted African Americans. These incidents and the subsequent outpouring and interrogation of racialized experiences across broad cultural and organizational systems and within our own community, have made it clear that we must undertake a thorough examination of Andover's policies, practices, and institutional biases with respect to race and make corrections therein wherever necessary.

Tasked with this mission, the AATF will be chaired by Gary Lee ’74, charter trustee and chair of the board's committee on Equity and Inclusion, and Linda Carter Griffith, associate head of school for Equity, Inclusion and Wellness. Its members have been drawn from all sectors of the Andover community, including trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents/guardians. Throughout its work, the AATF will also call on a resource group of trustee, faculty, and staff specialists as well as external experts when needed to support its charge and drive essential outcomes for the Academy.

The broad scope of the AATF’s work is outlined in the charge, included here. Though it can make interim recommendations throughout its work, the Task Force is scheduled to offer a final report to the Board of Trustees by spring 2021.

As befits this critical moment in PA history, AATF’s work will be characterized by accountability and transparency; will call upon students, alumni, parents, and senior administrators wherever appropriate and necessary; and will welcome input from all members of the Andover community.

Correspondence can be sent to [email protected].

Amy Falls ’82, P’19, ’21
President, Board of Trustees

Dr. Raynard S. Kington P’24
Head of School

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