Raynard Kington
December 10, 2020

A virtual road trip

New head of school embraces the Andover community

Andover’s 16th head of school, Raynard S. Kington, MD, PhD, P’24, began a virtual road trip this fall—connecting with alumni and parents worldwide through more than a dozen digital events and interactive sessions. In addition to asking about life on campus during a pandemic, the Academy’s extended family also wanted to know: “What attracted you to Andover?”

Kington shared that he was drawn to the school’s legacy of excellence and admired its mission. The more he learned, the more he realized how closely the school’s ideals aligned with his personal values—uniting knowledge and goodness, providing access to the most qualified students anywhere in the world, living a non sibi life. “To finally be on campus and witness these values take shape in our actions has been especially uplifting,” he said.

I believe supporting students in the way that we do...is inextricably linked to Andover’s value of non sibi.

Raynard S. Kington, MD, PhD, P’24 Head of School

Andover’s efforts to create a diverse student body and faculty and its commitment to need-blind admission are similar to priorities Kington championed in his previous role as president of Grinnell College. “I enjoyed reading in the [Phillips Academy] constitution that even at its founding, Andover had this notion of openness, seeking to enroll ‘youth of requisite qualifications from every quarter.

“What is even more deeply meaningful is what I see happening next. Andover makes sure every student has every opportunity to thrive. I believe supporting students in the way that we do—by creating a network of adults, peers, programming, and resources that are unique to each student—is inextricably linked to Andover’s value of non sibi.”

He also appreciates that donor engagement is crucial to sustaining faculty excellence, exceptional programs, and student access. Said Kington, “I believe that financial support from alumni and parents is a very special way of communicating one’s alignment with an institution’s mission and values.”

For more on Andover’s new head of school, visit andover.edu/HOS.

Originally printed in The Vista: Views from the Knowledge & Goodness Campaign, fall 2020.

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