December 14, 2018

Andover’s top Instagram posts of 2018

A look back at the scenes that had our followers liking, commenting, and tagging

Instagram popped for Phillips Academy in 2018, quickly becoming the go-to channel for the best photos, great moments, and access to all things Andover. We shared highlights from Grasshopper Night, Head of School Day, Chamber Orchestra’s performance in Carnegie Hall, the Richard T. Greener Quad dedication, Summer Session, athletic championships, and classroom innovation. Our stories took you behind the scenes of A-E Weekend, on a private campus tour, inside Af-Lat-Am 50 and so much more. The 12 posts below that rank as the year’s most popular, as determined by engagement.

1 12

December 1, 2018 — The Andover community mourns the passing of President George H.W. Bush ’42. 2,051 likes; 11 comments.

February 2, 2018 — The New England Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick ’71 make it to another Super Bowl. Andover holds hoodie contest for followers to guess the score and winner of the game. Unfortunately, the Pats lost and no one won the contest. 1,361 likes; 223 comments.

June 3, 2018 — A bird's-eye view of Commencement. 1,430 likes; 1 comment.

April 16, 2018 — Spanish instructor Rachel Hyland surprises everyone with her fourth-place finish at the Boston Marathon. 1,326 likes; 33 comments.

November 19, 2018 — Andover announces Lisa Joel will be the next director of athletics. 1,173 likes; 54 comments.

January 6, 2018 — A first look at the new Snyder Center. 1,167 likes; 28 comments.

April 17, 2018 — The Andover community shares its condolences with the Bush family after learning of the passing of Barbara Bush, pictured here in a 2015 visit to PA. 1,270 likes; 5 comments.

June 3, 2018 — Andover graduates rush the Commencement circle after receiving their diplomas. 1,110 likes; 5 comments. Photo by Gil Talbot.

September 4, 2018 — Andover Blue Keys and Head of School John Palfrey P’21 welcome new students to campus at the corner of Chapel and Main streets. 822 likes; 10,513 video views; 1 comment.

November 16, 2018 — Andover announces plans for a new music and performance building. 981 likes; 31 comments.

November 10, 2018 – Andover students and fans rush the field at Phelps Stadium after Big Blue defeated Exeter 14-0. 909 likes; 3,827 video views; 3 comments.

March 25, 2018 — Students protest gun violence in Boston at the national March for Our Lives. 945 likes; 8 comments.

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