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December 11, 2017

The best of 2017

10 years of need-blind admission, interstellar discoveries, and the moments that made Andover magical this year

There is a rhythm to life at Andover. Time is marked by passing seasons and hallmark events like the Vista Walk, A-E Weekend, MLK Day, and Commencement. What makes Andover so exciting is that in every classroom, at each lunch table, and behind all dorm room doors there are stories to tell. Looking back on the entirety of 2017 brings back memories of academic accomplishments, historic endeavors, and proud alumni reconnecting with the community that shaped their lives. Here are our best moments of the past twelve months.

Opportunity and access

Andover was proud to celebrate a decade of need-blind admission in 2017. Learn about the progressive policy and how it came to be. 


On March 10, 2017, Andover welcomed its 240th admitted class. This video aimed to answer the most common questions prospective students always ask: Will I make friends? Who will support me? How will Andover transform me? A group of young alumni share their stories to show the impact Andover has had on their lives. 

An astronomical discovery

Physics chair and instructor Caroline Odden, along with her Astronomy Research class, discovered that asteroid 4296 van Woerkom is actually binary, meaning that it has a large moon with a diameter that is about 30% of the diameter of the primary asteroid. 

Asteroid 4296 van Woerkom is just the 126th asteroid to be registered as binary. The finding was a collaboration between Andover and a group of professional astronomers from around the globe—including Petr Pravec, the leading binary asteroid astronomer in the world. 

Painting with words

Frank Stella ’54 is the renowned artist he is today because of Phillips Academy. The access. The curriculum. The friendships (with fellow artists Carl Andre ’53 and Hollis Frampton ’54). Andover shaped the artist Stella would become. In this special episode of Every Quarter, hear candid tales from Stella’s early years and stories of the New York art scene in the sixties, and find out why he keeps coming back to where it all started.

Gone in 60 seconds

We had this idea for a while, and in 2017 we finally made it happen. All we had to do was climb to the top of Samuel Phillips Hall. This quick and fun look at Commencement takes you from setup to breakdown. Blink and you'll miss the entire ceremony. 

BLU-ber: The Sequel

We traded rides for stories during Reunion Weekend. Watch as alumni recount fond memories, answer tough questions, and hang on for a trip they'll never forget. 

Opening of school

Our ears are still ringing from the cheers and honking on the corner of Chapel Avenue and Main Street. Blue Key Heads and orientation leaders displayed exuberant Big Blue spirit as they welcome new students to campus for the first time.  

Knowledge & Goodness: The Andover Campaign

In September, Andover launched the largest capital campaign in independent school history. Together, we will invest in need-based financial aid, in innovations in teaching and learning, and in campus facilities that expand the mind and restore the body. We will create new opportunities to engage with the world, to build student and faculty partnerships, and to nurture dialogue that promotes genuine understanding of self and others.  

When I say blue...

Andover traveled north to Exeter for the 140th meeting in our historical rivalry. Busses of Andover faithful braved frigid temperatures to cheer on our athletes and compete at the highest level. Big Blue’s Boys’ Varsity Football and Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey were victorious. Girls Soccer tied while Girls’ Varsity Volleyball and Boys’ Varsity Soccer were defeated. 

What were your favorite Andover moments of 2017? Head over to Facebook to share what you think should have made our list. 

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