Andover’s Waiting List: Commonly Asked Questions

Each year Andover places a select group of applicants on a waiting list for further consideration should openings become available after our April 10 matriculation deadline. The following responses address frequently asked questions about waiting list procedures.

How do I accept or decline the invitation to join Andover’s waiting list?

Complete the online Waiting List Reply Card.

How do I remain on the list?

Our office of admission contacts families periodically during the spring and summer to confirm candidates’ interest in attending Andover. A response is required to retain a spot on the waiting list.

Is the waiting list ranked?

The waiting list is not ranked. Each student has an equal opportunity for consideration in the grade to which they applied.

How many students are placed on the waiting list?

There is no set limit, and the number of waiting list candidates fluctuates as students elect to matriculate elsewhere during the spring and summer months. Late applicants may also earn spots on the waiting list.

When will I be notified if I have been admitted?

We cannot predict if, or when, spots in our incoming class may become available. It’s possible that a student could come off the waiting list as early as April or as late as August.

Should I supplement my application to improve my candidacy?

We ask that students submit a final transcript at the conclusion of the school year. Please e-mail your final transcript to [email protected]. Additional information is not necessary.

How can I learn more about the admission committee’s assessment of my application?

The committee reviews each application with great care and is ultimately charged with extremely difficult decisions. Given the depth and quality of our applicant pool and limited space in our incoming class, we are unable to accept many qualified candidates. While we recognize there may be questions about the work of the admission committee, the need for confidentiality and the integrity of our process prevent us from discussing in detail individual admission decisions.