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Need Blind Admission at Andover

Andover Admits Students Without Regard To A Family's Ability To Pay Tuition

  • Andover offers one of the most comprehensive and generous financial aid programs in the country for low-, middle- and upper-middle-income families.
  • Andover meets 100% of a family's demonstrated need.
  • No predetermined gross income is used to determine financial aid scholarships.
  • Andover generously determines awards based on a comprehensive analysis of need, including all variables that contribute to a family's financial situation. In addition to using the School and Student Service for Financial Aid Report of Family Contribution, Andover's financial aid process deals with all families on a confidential, individual and personal basis.
  • Andover calculates family need on the full cost of attendance, including tuition, room and board, travel, books, technology, insurance and other expenses.
  • Andover awards financial aid scholarship grants. No student loans are administered.
  • All financial aid scholarships are awarded through the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of the Academy and are guaranteed through endowed scholarship funds.
  • In 2016-2017, 48% of the student body receives financial aid; 13% receive full scholarships. The average grant for boarding students is $39,700.
  • Andover's broad socio-economic diversity is a hallmark of the Academy as displayed in the inclusive distribution of financial aid grants to low-, middle- and upper- middle income families. 

The Language Learning Center was the first all-digital language laboratory in the country, allowing students to tackle interactive world language assignments.

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