Andover Bread Loaf Videos

Aspen Institute webinar: Youth Unlocking Justice
Expression and Transformation: ABL's Writing Leaders as educational and civic activists.
ABL city-wide conference in Lawrence for grades 2-5: "Inside Out: What Are You All About?"

Andover Bread Loaf's Writing Leader program is a powerful educational tool for teaching and learning and for youth development. In 2015-16, ABL created school year Writing Leader classes that are taught at Lawrence High School (Rich Gorham) and Phillips Academy (Lou Bernieri). Here is a video produced by the Lawrence Public Schools on Rich Gorham's class.

Family Literacy Nights

ABL Family Literacy Nights can be done in schools or community organizations. This video offers suggestions on how to do them. For more information, contact Lou Bernieri, ABL Director.

"How To Eat A Poem" — 2014. Andover Bread Loaf's fourth annual "How To Eat A Poem" conference held at the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence.
South Lawrence East Family Literacy Night
Wetherbee School Family Literacy Night
Oliver School Family Literacy Night
ABL's annual Fall conference, "Write Your Promise," November 2013

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Oliver School Fall Family Literacy Night
Bread Loaf Documentary
This video doc about Andover Bread Loaf's 2013 Lawrence Student Writers Workshop was directed and produced by Lydia Godo-Solo (P.A. 2013), who was one of our amazing Writing Leaders this year. Lydia taught a group of students in the workshop about documentary film. This is the video they created.
Watch a collection of Andover Bread Loaf students presenting their poetry from the Lawrence Student Writers Workshop held on July 12, 2013.
ABL in Springfield, MA
Family Literacy Night at the Robert Frost Elementary School in Lawrence, MA. Over 230 in attendance. ABL's Family Literacy Nights feature students and their families writing and sharing together.
March 26, 2013, Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, Lawrence, MA
Andover Bread Loaf has a long history of helping teachers find their voice as writers. Grace Beniquez, who attended the 2009 ABLWW and teaches at City-As-School in Manhatten, has just published her first book of poems, LAZARUS BREAD.
From the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club. November 17th 2012.
For 25 years the backbone of BLTN Lawrence has been ABL's Writing Leader program. Writing Leaders are middle, high school, and college youth who are trained to assist teachers and youth workers in literacy programs, organize workshops themselves, and serve as mentors for their peers and younger students. ABL has developed hundreds of Writing Leaders over the years, many of whom are now teachers.
Teach Lawrence
ABL staff member Roberto German, a vital member of the Teach Lawrence movement, traveled to Guatemala in the summer of 2012 to bring the Bread Loaf magic to another corner of the earth.
How to Eat a Poem Conference 2012
Andover Bread Loaf: 2010 Documentary
Andover Bread Loaf's Lawrence Student Writers Workshop, July 2011: A Lawrence Reniassance in the Making
The video above is a compilation of participant testimonials on the 2011 program. We believe their reflections bear witness to the power of democratic educational methods and their potential for transforming teaching and learning.
Student leaders in Lawrence are an integral part of the work of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network.