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Access & Affordability

Welcome to Excellence in Financial Aid

Andover admits outstanding students regardless of their families' ability to pay the cost of an Andover education. We are proud to say that we meet 100 percent of each admitted student's demonstrated financial need. Through our need-blind admission initiative, we encourage all qualified applicants to consider Andover, regardless of whether they can afford the full cost of attendance. Upon admission, applicants can be confident that their financial need, as determined by Andover's financial aid office, will be met.

Welcome to Access and Affordability

Andover provides an effective financial aid program for all students and their families. Our mission of offering an affordable opportunity to outstanding students from all socioeconomic backgrounds is embedded in our need-blind initiative. Andover determines a family's ability to pay by recalculating the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) using our own standards. This process produces fair and generous individual results. For example, we do not include the value of a family's home up to $650,000 when considering their assets and we provide a generous rental allowance for families who do not own a home. As we determine each family's financial need, a careful review is made of all special concerns and circumstances.

Our ultimate aim could well be described as "from every quarter, to every quarter." As an American school with a dynamic world-view, we search the United States and the globe for students with the most to gain and the most to give. We educate extraordinarily talented students, and they leave equipped with the knowledge and desire to make a positive difference, no matter what their path in life.

Welcome to Opportunity

Andover attracts by far the largest and most diverse applicant pool among peer schools. Given the strong representation of all socioeconomic groups within that pool, the Academy sets no prescribed ceiling on family income when offering full scholarships. By looking at the overall picture (income, assets, number of children, and payments for other tuition-charging institutions), we guarantee the flexibility required to respond to each family's circumstances and meet need fully where it exists.

Andover's long-standing commitment to providing financial aid scholarships across the socioeconomic spectrum—specifically representation from lower-, middle-, and upper-middle-income families— is enhanced by the need-blind admission initiative.

In the recent past, the Academy has increased the percentage of the student body on aid to 48 percent, while maintaining 13 percent of the student body on full scholarship.

In addition, Andover has discontinued student loans, replacing such loans with scholarship grants, allowing students to graduate without debt. Currently, the average financial aid grant covers 75 percent of the boarding tuition at Andover.

The first Rhodes Scholar was a Phillips Academy alumnus.

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