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The Threats of Hierarchy Culture to the Well-Being of Korean Teenagers

Start Date: February 19 6:30 PM
This event is open to the public

KimIn Korea, the traditional ideals of Confucianism led to the formation of a rigid system that requires demonstration of unconditional obedience to elders. The presence of this strict “hierarchy culture” affects individuals of all ages. How does this culture affect Korean high school and college students, and what are the consequences of the authority that older students have over younger ones? How does this culture play out among Koreans who immigrate to the United States or come to study temporarily at boarding schools like Phillips Academy? Are they still expected to abide by these hierarchical structures?

Joon Ho “Jake” Kim ’16 will explore the impact of this complex culture of Korean hierarchy on a wide spectrum of Korean and Korean-American students, focusing mainly on their interactions with parents, teachers, and older Korean peers. Kim will then discuss this culture in the context of Phillips Academy, helping fellow students develop a more profound understanding of the Korean culture and community on campus.

Following his presentation, Kim will moderate a panel discussion with PA Korean students from diverse backgrounds, giving the community an opportunity to hear their unique perspectives and experiences. 

Presentation to be made February 19 in Kemper Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. Free and open to the public. Faculty Advisor: Susanne Torabi, International Student Coordinator.

The CAMD Scholar program, established in 2006, allows selected students to pursue independent summer research projects related to diversity, multiculturalism, community, and/or identity with the guidance of a faculty advisor.