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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover 3 - BBN 0

At home on October 8, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Andover hosted the BBN Knights at the Memorial Gym today and secured a win.

In the first set Tiffany Bauman set the 5-1 rotation to victory.  At first the two team played each other even until Darcy Burnham stepped to the service line and supported by her team served 4 consecutive service points for the first real lead; Andover 9-4.  Though the Knights kept fighting back, making beautiful save upon save, returning free balls that Andover converted into quick attacks.  Janneke Evans provided the next string of consecutive service points extending the Andover lead by 4 points to 20-13.
In set two the same rotation took to the floor: Tifanny setting, Fran Trautman and Darcy as outside hitters, Sydney Baumgardt as opposite, Janneke Evans and Claudia Leopold as middles, Erica Shin anchoring the defense as libero.  Tiffany served the team into its first lead to 4-2; shortly thereafter Darcy pounded out 4 winning serves herself, followed by Sydney's 5 consecutive service points for a 16-6 lead, which was enough to secure a win for a 2-0 lead.
In the third set Nette Bell set, Janneke and Evelyn hit middle, Fran and Darcy played outside, Eden Livingston opposite, and Erica Shin again anchored the defense.  Nette Bell stumped the Knights with her floating serve for a 4-0 lead.  The Knights kept fighting and pulled to within two at 8-10, but then Darcy worked her magic again for a 15-8 lead, which was enough to win the match 3-0.

We wish a quick and permanent recovery to AB and IT so we can get them back in the line-up.  Thanks to all the fans who came to support us, the managers for taking care of the pesky details like the ice chest, keeping the book and the scoreboard, videotaping, etc.  Thanks to asst. coach Svec who always brings energy and focus to the court.

Today's stats leaders:
Fran Trautman 13 kills, 27 of 31 hits
Darcy Burnham 3 aces, serving 15 of 17; 7 kills hitting 22 of 23
Janneke Evans 2 stuffs, blocking 3 for 4
Tiiffany Bauman 14 assists
Erica Shin  digging 37 of 40

Andover (5-2 in league, 8-2 overall) hosts Dana Hall on Saturday.