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Girls Varsity Volleyball

PA hosts, bests SPS in first of two regular season matches

At home on September 28, 2016 at 3:30 PM

On a day that both teams decided to play "community volleyball" (words of AZ), i.e.when one gives points to the other team with careless mistakes, we saw a mix of great passionate rallies and sloppy miscues.

In the first set SPS jumped out to a 5-2 advantage though PA recorded the mor spectacular plays; SPS played better defense. PA tied it, but only when Margot Forti stepped to the service line did the team finally gel for 4 consecutive points to give PA the lead at 11-8. After that PA never relinquished the lead for a full rotation and Margot Forti served out the set at 25-17. The second set, PA took a 5-1 lead on Janneke Evans' serve. Claudia Leopoldo expanded that lead with 3 service points of her own. PA had the lead at 10-4,13-8, but SPS came back to tie it at 13-13. SPS pulled ahead to 18-14; PA tied it at 20-20. SPS scored a side-out and a service point for 22-20, but PA did the same for a 22-22 tie. SPS earned a side-out and tied the match at 1-1 in sets. The third set had PA again pull into the lead at 6-2 and 9-4 on Janneke and Claudia's serves. SPS kept it close, PA leading 10-8,12-10,14-12,15-14. Claudia again broke the back and forth on two consecutive service points for an 18-14 lead. SPS made a come-back to 17-19, but Andover's magic touch Margot Served out the set with 5 service points for a 25-17, 2-1 lead. In the fourth set Andover, true to form had to come from behind yet again. Andover took the lead on Janneke's and Claudia's and Brooke Fleming's serves for an 8-6 lead, Margot increased that to 11-8 for PA. Sloppy plays on our side and increased intensity by SPS Gave the visitors a 14-12, 17-13,20-16, 22-19 lead, when magic Margot again served Andover back into contention to a 24-23 advantage. Andover forced a side-out and took the match at 3-1. Margot, and that team rotation, earned 19 service points this match. Andover now 4-1 on the season, prepares to host NMH after the SAT's, a late start at 4 pm.