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Andover students can choose from more than 50 sport, dance, and exercise options at every level of instruction. In addition, each year Andover fields 65 interscholastic teams competing in 21 different sports. Athletic facilities include two ice rinks, an indoor swimming pool, a diving pool, basketball and squash courts, a weight and exercise room, dance studios, indoor and outdoor tracks, tennis courts, and football, soccer, softball, and baseball fields.

Gallery of the Week: GV Field Hockey vs. Brooks


  • Andover 3 - Milton 0 (25-9, 25-16, 25-21) Volleyball GV
  • 10/24/14  -  For the first of two matches at Andover's Family Weekend #4 Andover (8-3) hosted #5  Milton (11-3) at the Memorial gym.  Andover was fortunate in that everyone on the team (who was not called away for Grasshopper Night) got playing minutes.  More »

  • Andover Rises, NMH Falls, and the Foliage Wins the Day Soccer GJV1
  • 10/18/14  -  Today the JV1 girls’ soccer team traveled west to the NMH campus, one of the most beautiful settings for a soccer match in New England.     More »

  • Andover 3 - NMH 0 (25-16, 25-10,25-22) Volleyball GV
  • 10/18/14  -  Andover (7-3) travelled to the Hogger's Family Weekend for the second of two matches this season.  What was especially gratifying today was to watch the sportsmanship extended by both teams, calling touches and nets on themselves.  Thanks to NMH for hosting and best of luck to them for the remainder of the season.  More »

  • Andover 1 - Exeter 3 (14-25, 17-25, 25-19, 22-25) Volleyball GV
  • 10/15/14  -  WOW! I can't remember seeing a team get such a head of steam rolling as Exeter did today in sets 1 and 2.  WOW! Andover (6-3) did not play poorly; Exeter (9-1), at home, executed FANTASTICALLY - great serving, super sets, and absolutely beautiful finishes.  My hat off to Coach Shang and his team for an outstanding match today.  That said, we are eager to get a rematch and enjoy great volleyball again in 3 weeks.  More »

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