Learning at Andover Summer

Andover Summer 2020 begins on June 30 and runs through August 02. Students will have Registration and Orientation for the first two days and begin their regular course of study on July 02.

The opportunities for study at Andover Summer are endless. Embracing your curiosity is the first step toward your success in the classroom, laboratory, or studio. Learning at Andover Summer means choosing from over 75 different courses—whether you devote your summer to a new interest, prepare for a challenging course, or seek inspiration and guidance in your art, you will find faculty committed to supporting you in your course of study.

Andover Summer courses are accessible to students, grade levels seven through twelve, or ages 12 to 17. There are extensive and varied course offerings housed in the Lower School Institute (LSI), Upper School, and English Language Learning Institute (ELL).

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Lower School Institute

Appropriate for students entering seventh and eighth grades or ages 12-13. LSI students engage in five-week programs that integrate multiple subjects under the umbrella of a single theme. All LSI students attend multiple off-site field trips, live in gender-specific dormitories, and attend afternoon and weekend activities coordinated together. Students may enroll in LSI as day students.

Upper School

Appropriate for students entering ninth through 12th grades or ages 14-17. Upper School students may select their course of study from over 60 possible options. The required course-load for residential students are two course periods. The subjects available range far and wide, including but not limited to the lab sciences, mathematics, philosophy, writing, studio art, web design, and the list goes on!

* day students may register for courses a la carte

English Language Learning Institute

Andover Summer has a long history of welcoming students from all over the world to enhance their proficiency in English Language Learning. Students in both Lower School Institute as well as the Upper School have options for learning. The ELL Institute is a residential program, and there is a slightly different admissions requirement for these applicants.

Study Hours and Halls

The rigor of an Andover Summer experience is not without its challenges! Throughout Summer Session, students have ample access to support from their instructors in a myriad of ways.

Upper School
Each evening, Sunday-Friday, students attend study hall from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Lower School
The LSI has a class meeting or study hall each Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:30 p.m to 8:45 p.m.

In addition to in-dorm study hall, students may spend their study hall hours in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library or attending any of the Study Centers that are also open during study hall. The available study centers include the following:

  • ELL Study Center
  • Math Study Center
  • Science Study Center
  • Writing Center

Optional Programs

Ace Your Tests

Princeton Review courses prepare students for the verbal, quantitative, and reading comprehension sections of the SAT, ACT and SSAT standardized tests. The Princeton Review class will focus on vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and the ability to relate ideas logically, to solve problems involving arithmetic, elementary algebra and geometry and concepts as well the student’s ability to understand what he/she read.. Students will learn efficient test-taking strategies which, alongside the additional full-length practice test, will help relieve test taking anxiety and allow for students to maximize their score. At the start of the program, each student will take a diagnostic full-length test for evaluation and placement purposes as well as a practice final full-length test to chart score improvements over the duration of the course. Detailed personalized score analyses are given to the student to evaluate their performance and pinpoint individual strengths and weaknesses. Students enrolled in the SAT Prep Course will cover all sections of the exam. Students will take two full-length practice exams, with an optional third test available. They will have complete access to the Princeton Review Online Student Center at the conclusion of the course and can continue to improve their skills after Summer Session ends. Students enrolled in the ACT Prep Course will have an extensive review of all ACT content. Students will learn test-taking strategies and take three full-length practice exams, with an optional, at-home fourth test. They will have complete access to the Princeton Review Online Student Center at the conclusion of the course and can continue to improve their skills.

SSAT Prep Course

Open to Lower School Institute students, provides strategies and testing practice on all sections of the test. Used nationwide.

Learn to Improve

Students take two full-length practice SSATs and receive personalized score reports detailing their strengths and weaknesses.

Find Your College

Unique among independent summer programs, College Counseling at Andover Summer brings you to the top colleges in the Northeast, and brings their admissions staff to our campus, providing invaluable information regarding the college search and application process. Each week students will participate in our workshop series led by admissions directors from Dartmouth College, Brown, Yale, Duke and Harvard University, to name a few. From your first walk on campus right down to what occurs in committee as your application is being reviewed, key skills such as the college interview, the essay and the development of your resume of activities will be addressed. A key component of the program are the weekly college campus visits. This includes a private tour for our summer session students, in addition to an information session led by admissions staff. Becoming a part of the campus community is essential, as our students tour academic classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, resident and dining halls, athletic facilities, and visual and performing arts centers.

College Fair

Every year Andover Summer hosts 100+ colleges and universities from across the country.

College Visits

A key component of the program are the weekly college campus visits.

Practice Your Instrument

Students are invited to sign up for music lessons to keep their practice going strong throughout the summer. They may choose from four 45-minute or four 60-minute private lessons; practice rooms and instrument rentals are available. Summer Session musicians are also invited to take part in the Chamber Music Program. Students audition for placement in a Chamber recital and receive four 60-minute chamber coaching sessions.


Students audition for placement in a Chamber recital and receive four 60-minute chamber coaching sessions.​

Building Best Study Practices

Open to Upper School students, this optional course prepares students to maximize their study time by teaching a variety of approaches for effective note-taking, active listening, time- and calendar-management, and memorization. Essential Study Skills meets four days a week for 90 minute course periods.

Applying insights from cognitive science and neurobiology to improve performance, students who enroll in our Essential Study Skills course will leave the summer with a toolkit of strategies that they can utilize throughout their academic careers.