eSummer Course Offerings

With offerings ranging from theater and design to biology to calculus, eSummer offers something for every student. Designed to meet the needs of students who have completed 6th grade all the way to those entering their senior year in high school, eSummer learning is active, personalized, and challenging - regardless of your starting point.

As part of the eSummer program, you'll commit to a 5-week academic experience that will work for YOUR schedule:

  • Synchronous class meetings and small-group workshops
  • Asynchronous learning through video, readings, discussions, and more
  • 1:1 learning conferences
  • Office hours and opportunities for additional small group and 1:1 help
  • Virtual socials throughout the summer allowing students to make connections with other eSummer students

Course Offerings for Rising 7th and 8th Graders

High School Prep English

Focusing on close reading of nonfiction texts and analytical writing, students will practice constructing effective sentences and paragraphs to suit a variety of topics, audiences, and aims.

High School Prep Math

Reviews and reinforces math skills found in the pre-algebra and Algebra I curriculum, in order to ensure students enter the Algebra I course with a solid set of underlying skills and exposure to course content.

Physics of Flight

Along with lectures and videos highlighting the history and the challenges of human flight, you'll be making use of flight simulation and space exploration games. Learning how to design and fly planes, then blast off!

Express Yourself

Develop skills in close reading, observation, and reflection. Through the study of literature and dramatic techniques, you will consider how human beings tell their stories then apply through your own work.

The Andover eSummer program is an amazing way to further your learning throughout the summer and meet new people! Synchronous classes are filled with collaboration and fun activities. The one on one meetings with your teacher are engaging. All of your questions will be answered throughly. All teachers and classmates are so supportive and the learning you do throughout challenges you to extend yourself.

Ha Jin Sung, Hong Kong eSummer 2022

Offerings for Rising 9th-12th Graders

Engage Your Passion

With offerings that include Intensive Film Workshop and Digital Photography students can engage their creative passions this summer through an online experience at Andover, without ever needing to leave their homes. No specialized equipment will be required, as faculty will guide students through how to use their own devices to create art.

Writing For Success

Andover Summer's most popular course - Writing for Success - has been reimagined for an online summer experience. Students seeking to build their academic and creative writing skills, or hoping to get a jump on writing their college essays, can receive instruction, guidance, and support from Phillips Academy and Andover Summer faculty in the online English courses offered this summer.

Study for the Next Level

For those students seeking a way to prepare for the rigors of the next level of mathematics, Phillips Academy's faculty have designed a series of courses that couple easy-to-follow instruction with challenging practice and extensive supporting resources. From Introduction to Algebra all the way to Calculus, our math offerings provide something for everyone.

Develop Your Knowledge

Aspiring biologists, physicists, and astronomers will be well-served by Phillips Academy's offerings this summer. Providing coursework that focuses on development of knowledge and deep understanding in each discipline, coupled with at-home experiments and simulations, our science courses offer an option for students seeking to better understand the physical world around them.

Get to know a bit more about one of our eSummer courses: Intensive Film Workshop

English Language Learners Institute

Our English Language Learners Institute is designed for rising 9th-12th graders or ages 14-17 who come from non-English speaking homes and are looking to develop greater fluency and proficiency with the English language. Three course offerings allow our ELL students to surround themselves in a safe and nurturing online academic environment with instructors who specialize in supporting this population of students.