Offering a personalized academic summer alternative

Our 2023 eSummer program application is now open!

eSummer provides the perfect backdrop for a global community of learners looking to engage with top-notch, dedicated faculty in a rigorous summer learning environment. eSummer leaves behind the commitment of a full-time, in-person academic progam and allows students to continue to take part in other opportunities at home or within their local communities.

Accessible, personalized, and focused on skill development and mastery, eSummer is the perfect alternative to an intensive on-campus experience.


Running on roughly the same 5-week calendar as the Andover Summer program (June 26-July 28, 2023), eSummer at Phillips Academy offers:

  • A mix of innovative and traditional courses developed and taught by Phillips Academy faculty
  • Synchronous and asynchronous coursework, personalized learning to support students in achieving mastery of course goals through the creation and execution of a personalized learning plan
  • Extensive interaction with faculty and peers through optional synchronous sessions, video discussions, and daily office hours

With tuition rates at a fraction of the cost of Andover Summer’s regular residential offerings, eSummer at Phillips Academy offers an affordable alternative to those seeking an Andover experience. Below are the 2023 tuition rates.

  • Lower School Institute (for rising 7th and 8th graders): $995 per course for a 5-week academic class
  • Upper School (for rising 9th-12th graders): $995 per course for a 5-week academic class
  • English Language Learners (for rising 9th-12th graders): $1,100 per course for a 5-week academic class

Personalized Learning Plan

Each week, you'll tackle a new element of your Personalized Learning Plan, something you'll construct together with your teacher at the start of the summer. You'll focus on mastering the learning goals that most interest you, at a pace that works for you, in the way that is most appealing to you. Courses are designed to offer extensive opportunities for practice and engagement through multiple modalities: videos, readings, hands-on projects, discussions, and more. As an eSummer student, you have the power to direct your learning and decide what, when and how you learn. At the end of summer, your teacher will provide you with a mastery-based assessment of your chosen personalized goals. It's your opportunity to take control of your academic experience!


When will courses begin and end?
Online courses will run during the same 5-week block as the Andover Summer residential program, beginning on Monday, June 26 and ending Friday, July 28, 2023.

What will be the eSummer at Phillips Academy program look like?
eSummer at Phillips Academy will offer a mastery-based, personalized approach to academics through intensive 1:1 coaching sessions with Phillips Academy faculty members, the development of a personalized learning plan to guide independent work towards mastery of a set of learning goals, and participation in a final Exhibition of Learning. Students will collaborate with peers on assignments and projects, connect in weekly synchronous class meetings, and engage in small groups with the teacher regularly during follow-up workshops and office hours. Additionally, faculty members will focus on helping students build effective online learning skills, preparing them to succeed in future online courses.

What is the estimated time commitment?
We expect that students will put in roughly ~60-120 minutes of work daily per course, including:

  • Development of a personalized learning plan in partnership with their teachers, and regular 1:1 conferencing regarding their process and skill development.
  • Independent work on curated assignments relating to course learning goals (these may include video viewing or development, writing, reading, peer editing, projects - both individual and/or small group - and other forms of instruction or independent practice).
  • Completion of gateway assessments in Canvas, the Academy’s Learning Management System.
  • Partner or small group work via an Academy collaborative platform or web-based meeting tool.

When will I select my courses?
After receiving an offer of admission and submitting a deposit and Enrollment Agreement, students will be able to register for the course(s) of their choice through the Parent Portal. Courses fill on a rolling basis, so this is a first-come, first-served opportunity.

Will courses run synchronously, asynchronously, or both?
Because we anticipate that students will be located all over the world, we do not anticipate that much synchronous work, if any, will be feasible. However, all students will be expected to participate in weekly 1:1 Learning Conferences with their teachers to reflect on their progress towards course learning goals, as well as the weekly synchronous class meetings and follow-up Workshops. Asynchronous activities leading towards mastery of course goals will form the bulk of the coursework, and all synchronous class meetings will be recorded and made available for students to review if, for some reason, they cannot join synchronously.

How will students’ performance be assessed?
Mastery learning is the name of the game. eSummer at Phillips Academy is about learning – not grades – and students will be assessed on their demonstrated levels of mastery of each of the course learning goals. Whether a student is progressing toward mastery, demonstrating mastery, or extending mastery, the focus is on building deep knowledge, skills, and connections. At the end of the summer, students will receive comprehensive narrative reports from their teachers, documenting their progress and assigning mastery levels related to each core learning goal. It is quite possible some students will choose to focus on just 1-2 learning goals for the summer, leaving them at an Emerging level of mastery for the others. This is completely expected and acceptable! No one should be expected to master everything in just five weeks, so homing in on a few key skills and concepts is encouraged.

What are the technical requirements?
In order to participate effectively in our online courses this summer, all students will need access to an internet-connected device (i.e. computer, tablet, phone) on which they can type, record video and audio, download content, and access information. They will need to be working with a relatively recent internet browser (the last 2 versions). Reliable internet service and the ability to access Academy webpages are also technical requirements for participation. Specific guidance for the requirements relating to Canvas, the Academy's learning management system, can be found here. Additionally, Microsoft Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud will be made available to anyone with an email address. Operating system requirements are Windows 8.1 or higher for Microsoft Office and Windows 10 for Adobe Creative Cloud, or any of the three most recent versions of macOS (currently 10.13 through 10.15). Browser requirements are the most recent version of the major browsers.

Will students earn credit for online courses?
As with our residential program, course credit is determined by a student’s home institution. End-of-session comments will be provided to all students, along with an assessment of their mastery of the course learning goals using a mastery rating scale. For convenience, Andover Summer will provide a chart outlining the rough equivalents of each mastery level in more traditional grading scales, but we encourage students and families to remember that when pursuing mastery, it's not about the grades.

Does eSummer at Phillips Academy offer Financial Aid?

At this time Phillips Academy is unable to offer Financial Aid for participation in Summer 2023 virtual programming.

How can I apply?
The online application for eSummer 2023 can be accessed through the main eSummer Admissions webpage, beginning in early November. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until June 1, 2023. Completed applications received after this date will not be reviewed.